Fear and The New Year by Sandra Beck, Motherhood Incorporated

by sandra beck

One of the most common comments I get from mother’s working from home is “aren’t you afraid?”

The answer is yes. Constantly. But to use the title of a very powerful book by Susan Jeffers – You need to feel the fear and do it anyway.  It is really easy to sit back and be afraid. When you are afraid you don’t have to act. When you are afraid you don’t have to try. You don’t need to do much but hide.

However, the costs of hiding are high. The longer you hide at home, the harder it is to get out.  I have talked to women from all over the US and Canada that have the same issues. Once you go home to raise your kids, its really hard to do anything else. Mostly because you feel you can’t because you are not employed by some “company.” A lot of times we get confidence from the company we work for or the title we hold.

The thought of running your own company scared the heck out of most moms, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Recntly, I watched the holiday specials with my kids and there was a song in one of the claymation Christmas videos. It’s message was simple. Put one foot in front of the other – and soon you’ll be walking out the door!

This is good advice to any mom who is thinking about working from home, who is working from home or who is considering a change in her work environment. We all know as mother’s that baby’s learn to walk by crawling, cruising and toddling. Yes, some stages take longer than others and every child is different. Well the same goes for us.

If you want to make this new year better by changing what you are doing – simply put one foot in front of the other.  And fear, yes that will be with you ever step of the way but use that energy to motivate you, not defeat you.



2 thoughts on “Fear and The New Year by Sandra Beck, Motherhood Incorporated

  1. The book you mentioned by Susan Jefers is unbelievable. Great examples of pushing through your fears to make your dreams happen. I particularly liked how the author get you to realize that you most likely should be walking face forward towards the things that frighten you the most. So next time you have that tingling fearful feeling…look inside and question why. Then attack the task at hand.

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