Archive | January 28, 2009

Be Ready, By: Julia Rodriguez, Motherhood Incorporated

Last night, I finished taking my CPR and First Aid re-certification. I do this to make sure that I know what to do in case my kids get hurt. The instructor brough up the subject of emergency preparedness. She said that after that huge October earthquake drill that the Los Angeles county had they found out one thing, they are NOT ready for a major disaster.  She continued by telling us that we take these classes to help our children but that most of us are not ready for a major disaster either. So how do we expect to give aid to our loved ones in case of a major earthquake if we are not prepared with adaquate supplies to give aid.  

In my case, this is so true. I do so much to keep my home safe for my kids but I have nothing for them in case a major disaster  happens. 

Our instructor gave us the following information to help us get prepared. First, she said to go to the red cross website. They have the most up to date information on how to get prepared.  They have great checklists to prepare your own emergency kit. One thing I would like to point out is that now they recommend that you have enough supplies to last 7-10 days.

If   you don’t have time to sit and collect all these items that the Red Cross recommends, you can go to  Ready Freddy sells emergency preparedness kits for all size families.

Our instructor ended the class by telling us that it is a good idea to prepare this kit keeping in mind that there will be no professional help for you and your family for 7-10 days.