The Comfort of Hair Stroking by Dahna Weber

I can remember being a little girl….and sometimes waking up and finding my dad sitting on my bed stroking my hair.  I remember being filled with so much comfort, security and love at those moments.  Now, each night my precious boy is with me, I always stroke his hair and kiss him before I go to sleep.  I am amazed at how much love fills me; at how much I can love this person.  It’s bursting.

And then tonight.  He had his buddy sleep over for the night.  Something I believe he likes to do more than most children due to the fact he is an only child.  I try to make that happen for him as much as I can.  In order to calm them, I lied between the two of them and read to them.  As I was reading Liam said, read it with a funny accent.  And so in a mix of Cockney and London snobberish lilts, I continued.  They loved it.  So I continued on in this manner.  After a bit, I noticed that my son had started to stroke my hair.  He has never done this before.  Still somehow I knew he was doing it to show his appreciation and comfort at having me near him, and being his mom. 

I am filled with joy, love and appreciation.  And of course have tears streaming down my cheeks. I definitely did something right.  So did my dad. 

by Dahna Weber


2 thoughts on “The Comfort of Hair Stroking by Dahna Weber

  1. thank you for sharing this with us, Dahna. It is beautiful! I never did have this experience with my parents. But I do know the joy and love in stroking the hair of my children and other loved ones.

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