Gray and Wrinkly by Dahna Weber

I’m reading all this inspirational, self-affirming material of late and then out of left field comes this one……

The other morning, I am in the car with my boy and carpooling two other kids.   The boys are singing Kung Foo Fighting and I join in.  My son’s face starts to contort into an embrarassed NOT cool shape!  I can remember that not cool feeling.  I told them that the songs they are singing lately and learning on their Guitar Hero, were really songs from when I was young.  I told them that the Pat Benatar song Hit Me With Your Best Shot was number one when I was 16.  Suddenly the little girl asks “How old are you, Dahna?”.  After saying I’m 42, my protective son, (his name Liam actually means that!), pipes up: “Yeah.  She colors her hair”.  I laugh out loud and mention that my folks both became gray quite young and that there is a strong genetic influence on such matters.  So for a split second I thought my rationalization had worked.  And then comes the sledgehammer- “Yeah, but you can tell by the wrinkles anyhow”!

When I walked into the house and looked in the mirror I began: “Wrinkles are beautiful”!  by Dahna Weber


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