Archive | February 16, 2009

Selma Hayek Breast Feeds the World! Film at 11:00!

by Shannon Penrod

I hate sensationalist news ads.  When did things get so bad that we have to titillate viewers into watching the news? (Pun intended)  My husband and I were watching a program we had DVRed the other night and inadvertently I hit play before the promos were over. Yes, my husband and I have a progressive marriage and occasionally I do get to hold the remote. 

A newscaster looked into the camera and said “Selma Hayek visits a third world country and is caught breastfeeding.  The shocking news?  The baby is not hers!”  At this point they showed video of Selma Hayek sitting in a hut with a small infant at her breast.  All you could see was the back of the child’s head, but it was clear the child was breast feeding. The reporter then encouraged us to tune in at 11 for the rest of the shocking story.  I was so mad, I literally had to get up and run around my living room.

Why is it shocking that she fed a baby that was hungry?  Has the modern male newscaster never heard of wet nurses?  Everyone knows that breast milk is the healthiest thing you can give an infant. People buy breast milk on EBay for that very reason!  The breast is an amazing thing, how miraculous that it can provide nourishment to a baby. Do we really need to cheapen breast feeding by acting like it’s a federal offense?  God bless Selma Hayek for walking by a hungry child and saying I have time to give you something that is better for you than anything you can manufacture in pharmaceutical lab.  I don’t find that shocking, I think it is beautiful.  Go Selma!

To news media who sensationalized it I say – Grow up and stop acting like a bunch of twelve year old boys who have just discovered the pictures in the National Geographic are topless!