Mom-In-Chief Book Review by Sandra Beck, Motherhood Incorporated

As working mothers, we are always on the lookout for new tips, tricks and techniques to get us through the day.  Recently, I read  Mom-in-Chief by Jamie Woolf.  Jamie relates a story about a SWA (Southwest Airlines)  customer service rep named Kim. Jamie is a leadeship consultant. ahhh…Southwest Airlines – a company I use often and have adored since I wrote a graduate thesis on them many years ago about their Love Coupons.  So the books talks about how  to delegate to children. I try to delegate – I have experience in delegation and the corporate level and a certificate on my wall that claims I am a master of negotiation.  You would think I could get my kids to do things, but I can’t.   Or at least I couldn’t.  Jamie in the book played a game with her kids to get the house in order after coming home from work and finding herself stretched for time.  She pretended her house was an airplane and her son was the pilot and her daughter I forget what she was (she should have been the pilot – this is 2009) but anyway I digress. At the end, the kids were picking up their toys and helping her get ready much faster and with much less stress than she could have on her own.  I found this to be a great way to get the kids involved and tried it with my own kids.  I have to vary the game – just like the race to pick up the toys gets old – but I find that we have been using the idea of setting up an imaginary situation to get the kids to do what I need them to do — some ideas we came up with have been The Great Train Race, The Martians are coming,  and Stinky Pete is Coming to Stink up your clothes (better get them in the hamper!).  She goes on in the book about  leadership and what to delegate and what to delay.   Its a good book to read with some handy ideas and the first book published by Working Mother magazine imprint.    



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