The Power of Optimism By Lisa Mendell

By Lisa Mendell

This weekend I picked up Michael J. Fox’s new book, Always Looking Up, as it was mentioned when he was on Oprah the other day. I read it in two days’ time – I just could not put it down as something compeled me to keep reading. This book, unlike Lucky Man, talks about what he’s been doing since that book was released. It focuses on four themes: work, family, faith and politics (specifically his activism for Parkison’s stem cell research; it is a big part of what and who Michael is). You can get the book for $14 at your local Costco, about $11 off the cover price.

So why did I say that this book has the power of optimism? It’s because that’s the other driving force behind who and what Michael is. He has a positive outlook that combines his optimism with hope. I believe that these two things must go hand in hand in order for a person to cope with any challenge they are facing, whether it’s physical or anything else. Postive attitudes can and do make a difference in a person’s outlook and overall health. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself. People are better off with positive thoughts and influences than they will ever be with the same amount of negative thoughts.

I think each one of us can learn something from Michael and his experiences. He has dealt with his Parkinson’s in a way that some people couldn’t. Here again, however, it all comes back to the way you view it. You can take the positive road, or you can spend hours focusing on the negative and how unfair life is. Attitude is indeed everything!

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