Archive | November 2, 2009

Motherhood, Menopause and the Time Succubus

by Shannon Penrod

Okay, I admit it, I’m crabby today.  And don’t tell me it’s hormonal, that just makes me crabbier.  Is it just me?  I know I got an extra hour handed to me over the weekend because of Daylight Savings, but does anyone else feel like it came at the cost of ten or so other hours?  It reminds of when I go to big sale at a department store, 50% off of everything, only everything was marked up 75% to begin with.  Did I mention I’m crabby?

Where does the time go?  On Friday there was the trip to the Pumpkin Patch, on Saturday the trip to the Fall Carnival100_8846 and trick or treating afterward.  Yesterday there was a birthday party.  Sure I gained an hour, but it was spent on the Halloween treadmill.  

Don’t get me wrong I love the holidays, all of them.  I love anything that interupts the monotony and gives us a reason to celebrate and create memories.  I love it, but I am always glad to get back to normalcy.  Today was supposed to be normalcy.  I scheduled it.  It’s in my plannner.  Which apparently no one else bothered to check. Noooooo.

Instead the powers that be decided to change school picture retake day to today!  Except in my planner it is clearly written that the picture retake is tomorrow.  Today is taking my son to get a haircut, to fix the hack job I did on it so he could be Spock for Halloween.  Today is the day I am going to wash and iron his blue shirt for the picture.  It’s in my planner! Today is not the day that we are taking pictures!  Except it is.  So now I am home finding another shirt, muttering, grabbing scissors and running back up to school to give my precious bug at least a trim so he doesn’t have the life long horror of a first grade picture that looks like his mother was drunk when she cut his hair. 

I get to school just in time to hear one of my son’s classmates say that his head is itching again.  This is the little boy that has had lice outbreaks twice this year already.  So far we have remained louse free, but really how long do we think my luck can hold out at this rate? Heavy sigh.  Lice is definately not in the planner for today.

I know that in the realm of things these are small problems.  I know that my frustration and inability to go with the flow has to do with the estrogen that is leaving my body like rats abandoning a sinking ship.  It all comes down to time.  Time is passing.  I’m getting older by the minute, more importantly my child is getting older by the minute.  There’s so much I want to teach him, so much I want to do with him. There is never enough time.  The time succubus marches on.  My job is to learn to release my expectations, relinquish my control issues and enjoy the moment.  Yeah…..well wish me luck with that.  Maybe if I schedule it in my planner…..