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Title: 5 Ways to Keep Your Toddler Happy While You Work by Sandra Beck, Motherhood Incorporated

Title:  5 Ways to Keep Your Toddler Happy While You Work by Sandra Beck, Motherhood Incorporated

 by Sandra Beck, Motherhood Incorporated


Do you need a few more minutes to concentrate?  Are you finding it hard to focus with a two-year-old climbing in your lap?  This is a challenge many work-at-home moms face while their children are young.  Here are five items you may already have to entertain your toddler in a pinch:


Empty BoxesDog


Most of us have seen a toddler open a gift only to find the box more interesting than the present so thoughtfully tucked inside.  Hang on to a few empty boxes of varying size, and pull them out when your child is bored.  Set up large boxes as a fort, or open the ends to make a tunnel.  Smaller boxes make a great bed for stuffed animals, target for balls or beanbags, or can be used for sorting games. 


Tissue Paper


Young children love the crisp sound of tissue paper rustling in their hands.  Set aside some gift wrapping tissue, and give it to your child when he is bored.  Let him crinkle, cover and tear, while you meet your deadlines.  Just be prepared for a bit of a mess later.


Index Cards


A little tape, some crayons, and your toddler’s imagination add up to reusable fun.  Make your own flash cards by having your child draw on index cards.  If you have some time, cut pictures she likes from old magazines or use pictures of your family.  Tape the pictures to the cards, and cover them with clear contact paper to use again and again.


Paper Bags


An assortment of paper bags can be hours of fun for your little one.  Large bags can be used to play grocery store, or as a target for tossing soft balls or bean bags.  Smaller bags come in handy for making puppets.  Have your child decorate the puppet, and then show him how to make his new toy talk using his hand.


Old Greeting Cards


The next time there is a birthday in your house, save a few of the greeting cards, along with their envelopes.  Toddlers love the brightly decorated cards and will have fun taking them in and out of their envelopes.  Pair them with a shoe “mail” box, and the two of you can open your mail together.


Beadphoria Jewelry Business Marketing Tip: Printshop Pro Publisher by Broderbund

applesWhen Beadphoria has a product that it loves, we like to share. Recently, we found a publishing program that will make your small business look like a large corporation in just a few clicks.  Beadphoria is a huge fan of Motherhood Incorporated so we wanted to share our good fortune with the readers over at Motherhood.


Printshop Pro Publisher Deluxe version 23 by Broderbund is a must for anyone that is looking to bring their business to the next level. With over 23,000 templates, 900 fonts, and 420,000 images and graphics, the combination is almost endless. The quality products produced look like you paid for a high priced graphic designer instead of publishing from a home printer.


The program comes with what would be expected with a publishing program, such as mail merge, saving as a pdf, and photo editing tools, but included are a few surprises. A logo creator, business form tool, and a small business center by will make desktop publishing a breeze.


Beadphoria has used Printshop Pro Publisher for their business cards, brochures, faxes, and receipts with rave reviews. The best part is what you would normally pay hundreds of dollars for desktop publishing is only $89.99! Go to their website for a fall 10% off sale or check your local office supply store to find this extremely useful tool for your business.


FTC Notice – Beadphoria has not in any way received any payment to endorse this product.


If you have any questions about beading, or jewelry business marketing tips, please feel free to contact me at 224-305-3321 or Always happy to share the joy of beading with you, Suzann Sladcik Wilson of