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No more hiding in Photos by Sandra Beck, Motherhood Incorporated

Sandra Beck Motherhood Incorporated

Sandra Beck Motherhood Incorporated

By Sandra Beck, Motherhood Incorporated

Recently I was ambushed by a few of the moms who work at Motherhood who tease me mercelessly about the photograph of me that appears around the web.  When it was taken I had just given birth to my son Zach and three years later the photos dubbed “the lightbulb head” is still floating around the web.

“Why don’t you get new photos done?” ranks up there with “Would you like a root canal?”  It brings up all my insecurities as a mother, a woman and a human being ravaged by time.   As a single mother with two small children there just isn’t room in the budget for Botox or a lift – though both would be appreciated.

I was speaking to a few moms today who feel the same anxiety as the holidays come upon us with the dreaded family holiday card and holiday pictures.  There is no advice to this post – simply a sister friend to another complaining about the dreaded but necessary photographs.

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