Military Mom Talk Radio hosted by Sandra Beck welcomes Jeffrey Worthington, iHistory WW2 Project, January 24th

Jeffrey Worthington, iHistory WW2, documentary filmmaker, WW2 documentary, Interviewing WW2 veterans, WW2 vets, Military Mom Talk Radio, Sandra Beck, Tina Gonzales, Robin Boyd, Motherhood IncorporatedSince graduating from Eastern New Mexico University, Producer/Director Jeffrey Worthington has dedicated the last four years to creating media that will help personalize World War II for high school students.   He developed a keen understanding of teenage audiences by writing and directing short productions for a high school drama team.  He and his team performed for youth audiences in New Mexico, Texas, and Colorado.

Being an avid photographer and aspiring filmmaker, he has also written, directed, filmed, and edited a number of short film projects.  One of his short films about medical ethics was shown to the Congressional Ethics Committee in 2005.

His documentary, “For the Love of Freedom,” currently in production, features WWII veterans and civilians from across the United States and Europe.  He is currently coordinating the “iHistory Project: WWII,” a national YouTube competition for high school students (

The iHistory Project will connect teenagers with WWII veterans, giving students the opportunity to hear first-hand accounts of history. The students will film an interview with a WWII veteran that will be submitted to the Library of Congress, then they will use editing recourse provided on our website to make a mini-documentary which they will submit to the competition on YouTube.

The idea that became the iHistory Project began in 2009 through Worthington’s vision of using media to mobilize youth to discover history from the people that made it. He and his team garnered support from organizations and individuals, developed the iHistory website, and pushed through obstacles in the pursuit of preserving our American history and connecting two distant generations.

Military Mom Talk Radio on airs on Mondays at 2pm pst on and can be downloaded directly from .  Military Mom Talk Radio is co-hosted by Sandra Beck, Tina Gonzalez, Robin Boyd and powered by Motherhood Incorporated.


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