Moms! Get Your Teens involved in iHistory WW2 by Sandra Beck, Motherhood Incorporated

By Sandra Beck, Motherhood Incorporated

IHistory Project WW2 You Tube Video Contest

IHistory Project WW2 You Tube Video Contest

How would you like to help make history come alive? Create a mini-documentary of a World War II veteran and win a spot in a full-length documentary!

The iHistory Project is proud to announce a ground-breaking YouTube contest for students ages 12–18. Students are invited to create two films: a 30+ minute interview with a World War II veteran that will be archived at the Library of Congress, and a mini-documentary (3–5 minutes in length) from that interview. Your mini-documentary is your opportunity to tell the world how a specific soldier made their mark on American history.

With the passing of roughly 1,000 World War II veterans per day, the stories and experiences of these American heroes are rapidly being lost and forgotten forever. The iHistory Project is engaging America’s youth in an effort to preserve one of the most important events in American history.

The iHistory Project is proud to announce a video contest that will connect teenagers with WWII veterans, giving students the opportunity to hear first-hand accounts of history. The students will film an interview with a WWII veteran that will be submitted to the Library of Congress, then they will use editing recourse provided on our website to make a mini-documentary which they will submit to the competition on YouTube.

The idea that became the iHistory Project began in 2009 through film maker Jeffrey Worthington’s vision of using media to mobilize youth to discover history from the people that made it. He and his team garnered support from organizations and individuals, developed the iHistory website, and pushed through obstacles in the pursuit of preserving our American history and connecting two distant generations.

The iHistory Project is working to bridge the generation gap and allow teens to engage and learn from a rapidly disappearing generation. The American heroes who served during the war had their lives changed forever by their experiences fighting for freedom.

Their stories must never be forgotten so check out and see how you can get involved! We will be accepting video submissions on our YouTube channel beginning February 7- 28, 2011.  Paperwork, along with your unedited interview, must be sent to the Library of Congress by February 28. Voting will take place March 7-14, 2011. The winning film will be announced April.


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