Military Mom Talk Radio hosted by Sandra Beck and Robin Boyd welcome Shelle Michaels National Communications Officer of Soldier’s Angels on February 21, 2011

Shelle Michaels, Soldiers Angeles, Sandra Beck, Robin Boyd, Rick Swanson, Toginet, Itunes, Military Mom Talk Radio, Motherhood Incorporated, University of North Dakota, Gallant Few, National Warfighter’s Symposium, United State Air Force, North Dakota Army National Guard, Lifetime Presidential Award, United States Army, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, VeteransShelle Michaels is Soldiers’ Angels’ volunteer National Communication Officer and has been with the organization since 2004. Soldiers’ Angels ( ) is a volunteer-led 501(c)(3) non-profit with hundreds of thousands of volunteers providing aid and comfort to the men and women of the United States Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, veterans and their families. Along with her media leadership role (with special focus on social media), she is involved in many areas of the organization to include state director for North Dakota, and brought the Ladies of Liberty team to life within Soldiers’ Angels.

Michaels belongs to many state wide committees in North Dakota in regards to our heroes, such as the Interservice Family Assistance Committee, Employer Support for the Guard and Reserves (ESGR), North Dakota National Guard Service member and Family Support Advisory Council, and is the chairperson for the Bismarck Mandan Chamber of Commerce Military Task Force.

She was appointed as the first board member to Vet Tix Foundation based in Phoenix. Through The Veteran Tickets Foundation, now those who care about Veterans have a way to give back. Every day, in every city, there are events with empty seats that could be filled by those who served. More than that, many event tickets are simply unaffordable for average people. We believe the events that bring Americans together in the spirit of celebration, competition and camaraderie-those all-American moments are the times we need welcome and acknowledge our Veterans.
Michaels is newly appointed to the Gallant Few Board ( and a committee member for the National Warfighter’s Symposium (

While supporting the military, she has personally received the Points of Light award by former President George Bush Sr., the Dunkin’ Foundation Serving Heroes award, Soaring Eagle award, the Distinguished Center of Influence and the Outstanding Center of Influence (x2) awards from the North Dakota Army National Guard and the Lifetime Presidential Award being awarded through her work with the United States Air Force.

Michaels taught Public Relations at the University of North Dakota for 5 years and focused her graduate work on Utilizing Social Networking Sites to Advance Public Relations Campaigns. She now lives in Bismarck, ND and is employed by Rasmussen College in Bismarck, ND as the Military Education Manager.

Military Mom Talk Radio on airs on Mondays at 2pm PST, 5 pm EST on and can be downloaded directly from Military Mom Talk Radio is co-hosted by Sandra Beck, Tina Gonzalez and Robin Boyd, produced by Rick Swanson, hosted by Toginet Radio and powered by Motherhood Incorporated.

One thought on “Military Mom Talk Radio hosted by Sandra Beck and Robin Boyd welcome Shelle Michaels National Communications Officer of Soldier’s Angels on February 21, 2011

  1. Stolen Money
    This is a true story about hundreds of thousands of dollars perhaps even millions . The money was not stolen in the traditional sense. The victims were not held up at gunpoint ,they were not mugged and robbed on the streets,they were not investors suckered into ponzi schemes nor were they senior citizens bilked out of their life savings by ruthless and cunning imposters. The victims were members of our very own armed forces. Our very own Native Sons and Daughters of America who dropped everything and left their homes and way of life to answer the call of military duty .They are the subject of this story and the victims of this crime.
    How could any government or any state allow young people to go off to war and fight for our very liberties and freedom and not protect them? The SSCRA of 1940 was a federal law established for the sole purpose of protecting the rights and property of military personell and their families while they were away fighting battles in other countries.The SSCRA (Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act)was a federal law enacted by congress and was to be observed and obeyed by all states and local governments. These veterans were cheated(robbed) out of their very own military wages and the SSCRA was suppose to protect them while away from their homes. It is shamefull to think that the greatest army in the world allowed the very people who fought and died for this country to be cheated out of their military pay. Not every soldier had their pay stolen but I know you will agree one is too many. The Department of Defense and the United States congress are aware of the injustice suffered by these proud military individuals and stopped this illegal practice in 2001 however no compensation program was put in place. The SSCRA is a federal law that should be enforced and these veterans should be repaid.

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