Life Leadership: Old Flour by Sandra Beck.

sandra beck

sandra beck

By Sandra Beck


Recently I found this great brownie recipe online – the good kind from scratch where you shave the chocolate into bits and mix the ingredients from their original source, not from a boxed package.


I was so excited and since I had a lot of wonderful chocolate left over from the holidays I made a massive batch filling up 6 pans thinking I would share them with neighbors, family and friends.  I used this huge 5 pound bag of flour that I had removed from my mom’s house after she died. I didn’t check the date.  The flour was years old but I didn’t know that because the packaging was unopened.


The brownies came out like bricks.  So bad I had to soak the pans just to clean them.  They never rose to the occasion and the flour was stale.  I stood there in the kitchen so frustrated until I thought about the lesson here. Sure, use fresh ingredients got that.  But for us as women it goes deeper than that.


How can we expect to rise to the occasion when we are the same old stale self?  I realized with the brownie bricks that I was stuck in some of my old ways and if I expected my life to rise to the occasion I would need to use a fresh me and not the same old stale me.  I never did make any more brownies because the fresh me doesn’t want to get fat…lol…but I do show up fresh everyday so I can rise to the occasion.


Empowerment, this is the through line through all of Sandra Beck’s work. Whether she is coaching a company owner to a million dollar commission goal, training a stay at home mom to perform SEO on web sites or speaking to a group of women who are in recovery, her message is about what is possible and how to create the circumstances of your choosing.

In a time when technology has the ability to transcend physical limitations, Sandra Beck teaches all of her clients how to maximize their lives by using the power of the internet coupled with the drive of their passions to create the lifestyle of their dreams. Her goal is to give all women the opportunity to reach their fullest potential with respect to their many different roles.


Sandra Beck is the president of Motherhood Incorporated. As an Author, Coach, Speaker, Radio Host, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, Sandra Beck is as successful as she is busy. The single mother of two young boys has created a virtual empire of successful companies entirely staffed, managed and implemented using a host of virtual assistants and on-line resources. She is also the author of a wildly successful blog (


Author of Motherhood Incorporated, The Smart Woman’s Guide to Working From Home with Just a Computer and an Internet Connection and Blogphoria – How To Reach Millions of People without Spending a Dime, Sandra Beck is a powerful voice in the Social Media Arena as a popular Internet Brand Strategist.


Sandra Beck is the host of two Radio Shows: Military Mom Talk Radio and Motherhood Talk Radio. An active contributor and participant in many charities, Sandra Beck strives to make the world a better place for today’s and our future’s children. Near to her heart are Toys for Tots, World of Children and Children Uniting Nations. Sandra Beck was born in a small town outside ofBuffalo,New York. She attendedNorthwesternUniversityand earned both her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and her Master’s Degree in Advertising.


Check out all of Sandra’s sites at:


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