I Made it Back Home Alive, Now What? By Al Detres for Military Mom Talk Radio

One of the questions that plague survivors of any kind of trauma or disaster is, “Why did I make it while others did not?” This is one of life’s more difficult questions to which there are no easy answers.  We have to work within the framework of what we do know and go on from there. What we do know is that we did make it out and there are those who need us here. God has a plan for each of us and knowing that we have purpose in life. God’s purpose for some may be to give up their lives in service to their country, while His purpose for others is to take what they have learned in the heat of battle and make their part of the world a better place.

Rather than exhausting mental energy on wondering why you survived when others did not, one of the keys to moving forward in life is to embrace what you know to be true: There is no need to feel guilty because God has a plan for you and you still have things to accomplish before your time is up.  Your family needs you to focus on them and to help them in seeking out their God-given purpose in life as well.

The exciting thing about finding your purpose as a family is that through your service to your country, you have gained the courage, strength and discipline to seek out and accomplish whatever purpose God has set before you and your family. Don’t look back, just pick up the good things you have gained, leave the bad stuff behind and move forward in your life. You will be a blessing to your family and they will be a blessing to you as you seek out God’s purpose for all of your lives.

Al Detres is a father of four and a Christian Minister in Oregon who has a son currently serving in the US Army .


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