Archive | February 15, 2012

I’m not the Same Woman Who Shipped out Last Year By Al Detres for Military Mom Talk Radio

One of the fears that people have when they have been away from home and family for an extended period of time is that they are not sure how to fit back into the family unit when they return. Military service can take a woman quite literally, to the ends of the earth. What they experience, see, hear, smell and do in the field can have a profound effect on how they respond to life after the fact. Some may need to share these experiences, others may never want to think about the horrors they witnessed in war. Either way, change has happed and is very real.

The changes need not be a burden, but rather can be used as a source of strength and broader perspective. Military women can be proud to know that they stepped into harm’s way to protect the peace and freedom that their families enjoy every day. They can share their newfound perspective with their families in such a way that will keep them from taking the freedoms we as Americans take for granted.

It is also important to remember that your family also changed while you were gone. They would have changed anyway, but the differences may be more noticeable. It is good to acknowledge and celebrate the growth and maturity that the whole family gained during your absence.

God brought you back because your purpose in this world is not finished yet. Many others did not come back because they had fulfilled theirs. Filled with a broader perspective of the world and a greater appreciation for freedom, it is true: you are not the same woman who shipped out last year; you are so much more than the woman who shipped out last year!

Al Detres is a father of four and a Christian Minister inOregonwho has a son currently serving in the US Army .