Military Mom’s Faith By Al Detres for Military Mom Talk Radio

When people find out that I have a son in the military, they ask me how I am taking it. “Taking what?” I ask right back. I’m not sure what kind of answer they were expecting, like I should be losing sleep at night worrying about my adult son who made a very grown-up decision to enlist in the army during war time. Not the best choice from a purely pragmatic point of view, but I sleep just fine at night knowing that my son is up all night on guard duty protecting his country and that God never sleeps.

The presence of faith in my life allows me to think of my son without worry. I know that he is in God’s hands and the only thing worry will do is erode my faith. There is nothing my worry will do to help keep any of my children safe from harm.  This is what peace of mind looks like. I love and care very deeply for all my children but have placed their well-being into God’s hands whether or not I am there.

This isn’t to say that I should be stupid or not careful. No, I just know that God will take care of them when I can’t and in ways that I could never even try. I also know that bad things happen to people every day and that could be one of my children, whether in the military or not. I just choose not to worry about what is not and focus on the reality of live as it is today. My children are healthy and happy and my military son loves his country, his God, his family and his life.

Al Detres is a father of four and a Christian Minister inOregonwho has a son currently serving in theUSArmy .


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