Expel Sick Day Stress from Your Life by Sandra Beck, Motherhood Incorporated

by Sandra Beck, Motherhood Incorporate

 When my youngest climbed out of bed Tuesday morning, he was all giggles.  Once I flipped on the light, I was surprised to see that his eyes were red and runny.  I immediately started running over my plans for the day, which I knew were about to be changed.  No childcare or playgroup, and I’d have to squeeze a trip to the doctor in somewhere.


Sick days and snow days strike us all.  If you’re one of the lucky ones, they are few and far between.  Still, the stress of a sudden change of plans can be lessened, or even disappear altogether, if we put a plan in place for the unexpected.Dog


Plan Ahead


As work-at-home moms, we have to consider the possibility that we may be called on to care for our children in a pinch.  Part of the flexibility of working from home means that our spouses may depend on us as an emergency back-up plan.  It is best to come up with a family plan for these situations ahead of time.  Does your spouse expect you to care for the kids every time an unexpected situation arises, or can you share the responsibility?


If you know it will be up to you to make alternate arrangements, try to plan for these situations when you are negotiating project deadlines with your boss or client.  Adding a little “fluff” to your timing will allow you to breathe easier if you have to spend an afternoon in the doctor’s office, instead of at your desk.


Have a Backup for Your Backup


Your mom usually takes the kids when they are sick, but today she has plans.  Turn to plan B.  Investigate some alternate options before hand.  Try forming a group of willing mothers in your neighborhood to share snow day responsibilities, or look for a flexible daycare program in your community.


When All Else Fails, Keep the Kids at Home


Prepare some activities for your children ahead of time.  We keep a rainy day box with some books, art supplies, and small toys.  The rainy day box becomes an exciting event when the kids only see it occasionally.  Make sure they can safely enjoy the activities on their own, and you will get some work done while they play.


If you know there is severe weather on the way, check out a movie and some books for the kids from your local library.  You may not be quite as productive as usual, but you can prevent yourself from falling too far behind.


Daymaker Challenge Day 31- The Book of Hope by Deb Gillespie and Dahna Weber

So there we are.  We got you rolling.  It’s Day 31…we threw in an extra one to finish the month and year off!! Of course we have to leave you with a special one.  One to last a LONG time.  START A DREAMS JOURNAL.  You can do it the whole family, with your spouse, one parent and one child, or alone.  Whichever feels right for you.  All you need is a notebook and a pen to start.  If you feel like it decorate the outside of the journal with some artwork.  It will let your guard down and ideas flow.  The objective is to sit from time to time, with the people you share the journal with, or you can write in it seperately, all your dreams, wishes, hopes and goals.  They can be crazy and outrageous or simple.  Sometimes it’s easier to write things down than to say them to your spouses or kids.  Keep it somewhere everyone can access and read or jot down things when they come to mind but also take the time to reflect together and write shared dreams.  Put it on the calendar to talk over once a month…..even over a meal.  Enjoy your sacred little book filled with hope…. remembering the power of words and of writing down intentions.   Now that idea makes our day!  by Deb Gillespie and Dahna Weber

Daymaker Challenge Day 30 Old Fashioned Help! by Dahna Weber, Deb Gillespie and Liam Weber-Nudel

Help an elder cross the street and ask them how they are.  Simple and timeless.  While they may not need your help they sure do enjoy the company! 

P.S. Do it with your kids.    They love doing good deeds. 

by Dahna Weber, Deb Gillespie and Liam Weber-Nudel.  (really it was entirely Liam’s idea…my 9 year old wonderful boy who is super keen on the Daymaker Challenges and on blogging)!

Daymaker Challenge Day 29- A Shovel Full By Dahna Weber and Deb Gillespie

Okay, now this challenge involves real work. Some good ole sweat and physical labor is needed in this daymaker challenge. So moms, are you up for it? Get ready, look out your window. Is it snowing yet? When it comes, get your shovels out and start moving that snow. And while you’re at it, shovel some of your neighbours’ snow too. That’s right. Grab the kids. Go ahead and shovel your neighbours’ sidewalk. And if you are really in that giving mood, shovel their driveway, too! You’ll make someone’s day, perhaps even their whole week!!


By Dahna Weber and Deb Gillespie

Daymaker Challenge Day 27- Say Cheese by Deb Gillespie and Dahna Weber

You may not know this but….Polaroid is ceasing to sell the instant film real soon.  For fun and for posterity why not take your old one out to a party over the next few days and shoot some shots.  The idea is to take some great shots and pass them out the people you managed to capture.  There really is something retro about the Polaroid and fantastic about having real printed out picture.  How many people can you make say cheese and smile in one night?  by Deb Gillespie and Dahna Weber