Eating Healthy—It’s All About the Colors by Sandra Beck, Motherhood Incorporated

By Sandra Beck, Motherhood Incorporated

Childhood obesity is on the rise. It’s a fact, one that at least for me is hard to swallow.  It is up to us as mothers to do what we can to combat this problem head-on.  Our children will follow our example, whether we like it or not.  So we have to change our own lifestyle in order to get our children to follow suit.

Have you ever noticed that most fast food is brown or tan in color—so blah!  Why not add a little color to your diet and in the process eat healthier. It’s all about the colors.  If it’s pleasing to the eye, it will likely be pleasing to the palate.  Restaurants use this technique all the time—it’s all about presentation.

Vegetables and fruits come in a variety of colors. Make a salad incorporating many different colored vegetables.  For example, a green salad with red,green,and yellow peppers cut up in it as well as radishes, mushrooms, or even squash is not only colorful but healthy.  You could give it a Mexican flair and add black beans, salsa, and sour cream or a sprinkling of cheese.  A fruit salad with grapes (green and red), pineapple, red or green apples, and raisins can be a healthy snack for hungry kids.

Eating healthy by eating your colors can start when your children are infants.  Baby food comes in many different flavors and colors, you can even make your own. Starting healthy eating early in life will likely carry on as your children grow.

So add a little color to you and your family’s dinner plate and reap the reward of building a healthy family.

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Holiday Hangovers from the Pregnant Lady – By Nicole Perkins

By Nicole Perkins

Boy, do I wish it was from liquor but instead it’s just from over exhaustion. You see not only am I pregnant with my third child, in my desperate need to not be too pregnant or carrying around a newborn in the summer months of Arizona, my other two were born in the winter. And who knew we would conceive immediately, so they have birthdays that sandwich Christmas.

xmas-blogAs for this pregnancy, I guess I can safely say that I am in the third trimester – as for the weeks or even months, I’m too tired to do the math anymore. Plus, it’s my third baby and I really just don’t care. I’m huge, I can barely walk and I’m miserable – that’s all I need to know. I actually consulted the trusty old What to Expect…  for reasons I’m sure you would thank me for keeping private, and discovered how much I’m glad I don’t remember, and quickly put it back down. Whatever is going on with me now is from doing too much this past month, and can only be remedied by rest and Preparation H.

So, needless to say, but I will anyway, the holidays were killer this year. On top of birthday parties, Christmas parties, keeping Santa gifts, birthday gifts and “From Mom and Dad” gifts separate, all while trying to block my stomach from any photos, I also got into my first ever major blowout with my brother. He’s always been my best friend, and he didn’t come home for Christmas. It was hard.

But I made it, barely. The holidays were gorgeous, my kids were darling and my husband and I are closer than ever. I think I’m still sane, but I know one thing for sure, I’m sober. Having a glass of wine amidst all the stress and celebrating would’ve been nice, but instead I just ate my ice cream that my husband makes for me every night and tried to get comfortable enough to fall asleep. How many more months do I have to go again?

Daymaker Challenge Day 10- Oh Stop Wait a Minute Mr. Postman by Dahna Weber and Deb Gillespie

There was a great song by that title by the Carpenters eons ago.  Well I am showing my age!  Besides we now call them mail carriers or some other gender neutral name.  Well today is the day that you do stop them.   Have a cup of coffee/tea ready for them to warm them up….or a cold drink if you live down south to cool them down.  You can also simply offer an energy or chocolate bar!  Perhaps while they enjoy their drink they can talk about what they do to the little ones.  By Dahna Weber and Deb Gillespie

Daymaker Challenge Day 3- Pass the Java by Dahna Weber and Deb Gillespie

During the course of your day running errands, be nice to yourself and treat yourself or your child to a hot chocolate or coffee.  Then when you reach the wicket pay for the next person’s coffee and leave a note for them. Imagine if that happened to you!  by Dahna Weber and Deb Gillespie

It May Not Be Caffinated, But It Wakes Me Up by Jennifer France-Talvitie

Every morning I look forward to my cup of coffee. Without fail, the first thing I do when I get out of bed is make a small pot of coffee. Just the grinding of the beans wakes me up. The funny part is, it’s always decaf. Starbucks makes many great decafs (they didn’t hire me to write this!). I swear I get the same wake up feeling as when I used to drink caffeinated but without the possibility of getting the jitters or my son getting them, for that matter.

When I first became pregnant in January 2007 I switched to decaf. Since having my son and breastfeeding, I have continued to drink it. I almost wonder if I’ll ever go back to a fully loaded cup of joe. Probably, at least maybe one cup a day, but if I had to stick to decaf, I wouldn’t be sad. There’s 35mg in a cup of decaf. So if you limit yourself to a few cups a day, there should be no harm done (each person is different, of course).

I’ve even gotten back into my routine of loving to go get my afternoon iced coffee at above mentioned store (they really do make the best decaf around and I’ve tried many). I’m not proud of this, but I also don’t apologize. It makes my day 10% more fun! Decaf espresso on ice with a bit of milk is heaven. I’m actually drinking one right now as I type this blog.

Being a mom, working from home, getting up at odd hours of the night, cleaning, errand running, husband nurturing, exercising, bill paying….all of these things require stamina. My decaf cup of joe gives me the stamina I need.