Never Forget to Say Thank You by Dahna Weber

It’s about 2 a.m. and I’m doing my usual….up late….working…piddling…quiet me time.  I know I’m going to be sorry in the morning when the boys wake up.  Yes the boys.  My nephews are in town and you know how it is when they multiply- they wake up even EARLIER!  So at this point I’m expecting a mere 4 hours before the stirrings commence.  I slip into Liam’s room and see the 3 little monkeys sprawled all over the bed and one another.  (The 3 of them were on a queen mattress).  My Liam wakes, sits upright and is all disoriented.  I say, “I love you sweetheard”.  He replies, “Thank you”.  All those years of “Say Thank You”!  Call it indoctrination, call it politeness.  At that moment it filled me up.  By Dahna Weber