How To Make Up Your Mind To Succeed by Lisa Mendell

By Lisa Mendell

I was reading the article How To Make Up Your Mind To Succeed in Reader’s Digest as I was waiting to get my hair cut and a lot of the points made perfect sense – what you would call “common sense” advice.  One point that stuck with me was

Mind-set is key to finding success for yourself and your children

It also explains the difference between a fixed and a growth mind set, and why the latter is better for us and children. The web site explains the growth mind set in more detail and shows that we are all born with this, as it’s what makes us able to survive in the world. To read the article, as well as find other tips on sucess and how failure can be a positive thing, visit

I never thought about failure making us stronger, but a lot of people have proven it true, including Harry Potter auther JK Rowling. Who would have thought?