How To Learn From Failure by Lisa Mendell

By Lisa Mendell

Last month I featured an article on how to make your mind up to succeed, which I had read in Reader’s Digest. This month I thought I would give my thoughts on a related articled entitled 5 Winners Teach Us How To Learn From Failure. One person that is spotlighted is author JK Rowling, who I alluded to in my last post. Part of what she said was….

“She related a story about a young woman who gave up her dream of writing novels to study something more practical. Nonetheless, she ended up as an unemployed single mom “as poor as it is possible to be in modern Britain without being homeless.” But during this rock-bottom time, she realized she still had a wonderful daughter, an old typewriter, and an idea that would become the foundation for rebuilding her life.”

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Knowing how to approach failure can indeed be the first step to success!