In Praise of Podcasts, by Sandra Beck, Motherhood Incorporated

by Sandra Beck

In Praise of Podcasts by Sandra Beck, Motherhood Incorporated

In Praise of Podcasts by Sandra Beck, Motherhood Incorporated

In praise of podcasts  A plethora of cliches often signposts a kernel of truth. Take your pick: women are good at multitasking; there aren’t enough hours in the day; I feel torn in two. Time is tight if you’re juggling motherhood and working. Add in any vague ambitions at maintaining broader interests or world awareness – and you’re stuffed, aren’t you?   I laugh at the idea of old me, feet up, reading the newspaper. I used to enjoy settling down with a good non-ficton book to really get myself informed on an issue. My friends and I debating over black coffee and pastries – we could have been in Paris.  For me, podcasts are an amazing shortcut. Simply browse, pick the ones that interest you, and subscribe to them. That ensures that I always have the latest edition on my iPod.  I always have an ear in when I commute. I’ve been known to stay listening if I’m walking with the buggy. It gives me an hour each day out of nowhere, that very nearly meets the definition of ‘me time’, At least, I feel a little more like ‘me’ if I can make informed contributions to conversations.   Being a London fan. I’m a big fan of BBC output. However, the real joy of the podcast can be in its accessibility to the amateur broadcaster. A high rated contributor on a podcast directory can often combine reasonable ‘listenable’ production values with some sharp commentary that the mainstream networks wouldn’t dare broadcast. I think that this anarchist iconoclast edge takes me back to my student days. We all know how seductive it is to feel young again.  For Christmas, we got a radio which can be connected to an MP3 player. Now the kids are getting into podcasts too. They enjoy all the songs and jokes from their favorite characters, without needing to be glued to the TV.   I thought I was being especially clever when I put a ‘tidy up song mix’ on my iPod. The kids loved it – they twirl and dance while I’m crouched on the floor picking up the toys. Never mind.  Some interesting sites to browse:

Pink Goes Green – Environmental MommyTip from Motherhood Incorporated by sandra beck

by sandra beck

Okay, we all do it. I think I kill 100 trees a week between my printer, the kids coloring pages, baby wipes, tissues, and paper towels.

Then I cleaned out this old box I got from my parent’s house and in it were these lovely antique handkerchiefs owned by my grandmother Emily.  She was really on to something when I looked at the pretty detail – and that she could toss them in the sink to wash or even the washer — even better! I decided then and there that I was going to resurrect the tradition of the hankie – and save a tree in the process.

Did you know that to make paper, tissues, paper towels, baby wipes – all those handy paper items – that it destroys acres of ecologically diverse forests to get that virgin pulp – and makes that one of the worst offenders for global warming? I know personally I cannot live without some tissues, paper towels for spills, baby wipes for poops – but really – could I do a small part by using my handkerchief when possible? Sure! And could I give a nod to my ancestors who stand behind me and can I do a small part for my children’s eco-future …of course!

So dig through your treasure trove and you just might find yourself doing the earth and your kids future a favor while you stroll down memory lane with your grandma’s hankie…