Victory for the Working Mom By: Julia Rodriguez

I am six months pregnant and counting. I am not only counting the days til I have my baby but also to the days where I no longer have to commute back and forth to my job. I finally decided that I will not go back to my 9-5 after I have my baby. Instead I will stay home and make my part time bookkeeping job into my full time job.

The next step was to tell my boss, which was nerve wrecking. Not only did I need to tell him about my plans but I wanted to ask him if he would like to be one of my clients. He always knew that I wanted to stay home with my children and work. He usually said comments to discourage me from bring up the topic. But I asked any way. I sat down with him and discussed the benefits of him allowing me to work from home. Since his office is small and business has slowed down, I told him that financially it would benefit him to allow me to work from home. Not only will his payroll expenses be reduced but also he would get extra free time from me. I figured if I spend two hours driving back and forth everyday, why not use that time to do some work for him with out him incurring any expenses. 

It took time for him to grow into the idea and really think about it. He did not say anything after our first meeting but then after several follow ups he told me he was ok with me doing some work for him at home. I was so happy to know that he took time to consider my decision and thrilled to know that more people are starting to support the idea of work from home moms.

Supermom is Down

By: Julia Rodriguez

We do it all. We work, clean, cook, keep the family running……..everything. We are supermoms. But sometimes we need to have our down time. We feel unappreciated, tired, depressed, overwhelmed, pressured, just not very motivated. Husbands and children just cannot comprehend this. We also need down times. Its like a cycle. We go down and come back up.  For me its a time of thinking of the important things in my life and how to solve problems that are bugging me. Maybe talking to a friend and venting can help in these situations or a big bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream will help.  Find something that motivates you and helps you get back to being your self again.  Soon supermom will up saving the world ………..again.

Childcare and the Working Mom

By: Julia Rodriguez 

Yes, I still have to drive to work every morning and leave my daugher with a babysitter. Not only does the price of babysitting give me a headache but the way that some of these facilities are caring for children too. I know that if I want my daughter to be taken care of a certain way I should stay home and do it myself and I am working on that thanks to  But if  parents are paying someone to take care of their children they should do a good job at it and realize that they are not only earning their money but also molding the minds of the next generation.  It frustrates me to find that a lot of these home based centers think that by just placing the child in front of the TV all day is good. Not for me. I want my daughter to interact, learn and experiment with new things.  I have searched and searched and found few people who really do care about the development of a child.

As I researched to find the ideal daycare for my child I was upset to find that every facility interview I went to were pretty much the same. Child arrives, child eats, child watched TV, child sleeps and so on until you pick them up. No reading, no story time nothing that stimulates their brain.  This was upsetting to me. I was reading my city’s newspaper and found a Head Start program for children 0-4 years old. BINGO!  I enrolled her in this free program and pay a sitter to stay with her for the five hours she is there.  My daughter loves it and I feel less guilty leaving her when I go to work.  Not only does she get to play, but they also do art activities, dance, field trips and more. Its perfect. 

Don’t  get me wrong I am pretty sure that their are some great centers out there you just have to find time and do the research. I am just so happy that I can go to work and know that my daughter is having a good time.


Por: Julia Rodriguez


Organizar nuestro tiempo y manejar todos los proyectos que tenemos pueden ser difíciles si no estamos preparados. Mi sugerencia, es organizate antes de comenzar cualquier negocio.  Organizate primero. Piensa en todas las responsabilidades que tienes y escribirlas en tu cuadernode cuando te levantas por la mañana al tiempo que te vaz a dormir. Esto te ayudará a darte cuenta de cuánto tiempo tienes libre para ganar dinero o lo que llamamos tus “horas de dinero”.  Hacer un resumen de tus objetivos es también muy útil. Puedes priorizar lo que quieres hacer primero o qué necesitas hecer primero para comenzar tu negocio. La mejor sugerencia que tengo para organisarte es utilizar Microsoft Outlook, un calendario de papel y tu cuaderno done escribes tus ideas.   La lectura en el blog de te ayudará a recoger algunas puntas y artimañas buenas que usan mamás ocupadas para organisarse que quizás puedas usar tu tambien..  Recuerda toma un paso a la vez, ten paciencia y alcanzarás tu último objetivo.      

Organize Your Self

Organizing our time and managing all the projects that we have can be difficult if we are not prepared.  My suggestion, get organized before you start any business.


Organize yourself first. Think of all the responsibilities you need to do for yourself and write them in a timeline from when you get up in the morning to the time you go to sleep.  This will help you realize how much time you have to make money or what we call your money hours.


Making an outline of your goals is also very helpful. You can prioritize what you want to do first or what needs to be done first in order to start your business. The best suggestion that I have for organizing is to use Microsoft Outlook, a paper calendar and an old fashion notebook.


Reading the blogs can help you pick up some good tips and tricks on how busy moms organize themselves that can work for you too.


Just remember to take it one step at a time, be patient and consistent and you will reach your ultimate goal.