Newest Tech Toys & Other Gadgets by Lisa Mendell


By Lisa Mendell

There is a new tech toy out called the netbook. It differs from a traditional laptop in size and features; namely, it is meant for email, web and word processing, unlike laptops which have more storage and capability for photos and gaming software. One such unit is available at Costco and for around $400 depending on the model. The one pictured here has a 10″ screen and is made by Samsung.

When Good Computers Go Bad By Lisa Mendell

By Lisa Mendell

My computer’s hard drive went bad the other day. The tech was here the next day to replace my hard drive. Unfortunately, the new hard drive had nothing on it – not even a version of Windows OS! Talk about starting from scratch! I had wanted to do some cleaning of my computer anyway, though I would have prefered it was by my own choice and not dictated by my computer- which up until this point hadn’t given me any major problems. See, good computers can and do go bad. You just never know when…

Good Sales – Pamper Yourself by Lisa Mendell

By Lisa Mendell

If you feel like you need to pamper yourself, go to Bath & Body Works and check out their sales. You can get 2 lotions (8 oz) and a third for free. I also think they have buy 3 get 2 free – they did when I was there last. It would have cost me $60 but I got it for half that or $30. It helped that I had a coupon, too.

Is it me or is Bath & Body Works addictive?

Saddle Up By Lisa Mendell

By Lisa Mendell

happy-riderOn Saturday, I started my second 6 week session of horseback riding at One Heart Horses. I was sore afterwards, just because I haven’t ridden since October – neeedless to say, my body was just a little bit rusty! I got a different horse this year. Her name is Rosie (not the horse pictured, that’s Rosa). Rosie is 11 and has a lot more energy and spunk than nearly 30 yr. old Rosa so that was a change for me. I wasn’t quite ready for her faster walk!

Horses to me are AMAZING! They sense things that humans either have trouble sensing or don’t care to see- such as a physical challenge like mine. Horses know that I cannot move at the same rate as someone without challenges. I still don’t know how they do it.

If you have had experiences with horses, than you can probably relate to my love for these animals. So now that I’ve saddled up, I know the next five weeks will be ones I won’t soon forget!

The Power of Optimism By Lisa Mendell

By Lisa Mendell

This weekend I picked up Michael J. Fox’s new book, Always Looking Up, as it was mentioned when he was on Oprah the other day. I read it in two days’ time – I just could not put it down as something compeled me to keep reading. This book, unlike Lucky Man, talks about what he’s been doing since that book was released. It focuses on four themes: work, family, faith and politics (specifically his activism for Parkison’s stem cell research; it is a big part of what and who Michael is). You can get the book for $14 at your local Costco, about $11 off the cover price.

So why did I say that this book has the power of optimism? It’s because that’s the other driving force behind who and what Michael is. He has a positive outlook that combines his optimism with hope. I believe that these two things must go hand in hand in order for a person to cope with any challenge they are facing, whether it’s physical or anything else. Postive attitudes can and do make a difference in a person’s outlook and overall health. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself. People are better off with positive thoughts and influences than they will ever be with the same amount of negative thoughts.

I think each one of us can learn something from Michael and his experiences. He has dealt with his Parkinson’s in a way that some people couldn’t. Here again, however, it all comes back to the way you view it. You can take the positive road, or you can spend hours focusing on the negative and how unfair life is. Attitude is indeed everything!

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