Military Mom Talk Radio Features “Her War Her Voice” on January 10th

Her War Her Voice, Melissa Seligman, Chris Piper, Military Mom Talk Radio, military spouses, Sandra Beck, Tina Gonzales, Robin BoydHer War Her Voice is a safe, anonymous and free interactive community designed to hear the silent warriors.  There is no rank. No judgment.  Instead, Her War Her Voice  highlights her story. Her voice.

Melissa Seligman and Chris Piper join Sandra and Tina to talk about their project. Their website describes how those in uniform train to fight, survive, and emerge victorious. They spend months learning to combat their enemy and how to evade danger. Their families, however, have no training. No way to ensure that they are even surviving.  They have no way to identify the enemy. And they have no way to quantify their victory. Still, they rise.

A military spouse’s life revolves around waiting, always waiting, and hoping you have done enough, been enough, laughed enough, loved enough.  They move through the military lifestyle, always wondering if they have meet the “standard,” or if they have the strength to maintain a family. Military spouses push to be more – to break free of the confines of a label. The simple fact is a military spouse cannot be defined or simply put into a category.

Spouses don’t expect to be the ones with war wounds or the ones who need help. They don’t feel entitled. After all, they wear no uniform.  But spouses ARE in the battle.

Her War Her Voice is breaking the silence. Your battle cry is heard, your need to voice your struggle is answered. And the beauty in your victory. You are celebrated, supported, and commended. Melissa and Chris have also co-authored a book, “A Heart Apart” for military kids. Visit for more information. 

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