A Heart Apart – A Voice for Military Children

A Heart Apart, Christine Piper, Melissa Seligman, military children, children of deployed soldiers, a child's voice, HEr War Her Voice, Lifecaptured.comToo often, the focus is on the uniform. On the one serving. But what of the countless children who have served silently, over and over again, through sustained deployments? Where are their news stories and accounts of bravery? What about medals for their sacrifice? There are books available for military children, several of which are highly recommended, but none of them offer what they crave: to literally see themselves and their loved ones in the content.

Written by Melissa Seligman and Chris Piper, A Heart Apart is different in that it encourages children to create and share their own unique stories, upload their own photos then share it with their deployed parent overseas. A Heart Apart is also unique in that it offer helpful suggestions for children too young to fully express themselves. With paint-by-number exercises revolving around the “mascot” (SGT Sam E. Hears, the Messenger Star), and fill-in-the blank letters, military children are encouraged to interact with their deployed parent while expressing their emotions and anxieties.

Each deployment is different. And each military child is special. Taking the time to celebrate each child’s uniqueness is essential in helping military personnel’s children on the road to healing and recovery. Each picture uploaded is a window into their hearts, and if a picture is worth a thousand words, these children have volumes to tell.

A Heart Apart believes in the healing power and the honest communication that comes through the written word. Giving young, struggling military children the opportunity to share in that experience is the first step in giving them the platform and understanding they are so desperately craving. These children serve bravely and repeatedly. They deserve the opportunity to share their story, honor their struggle, and salute their victory. Every hero should be celebrated.

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