Military Mom Talk Radio Welcomes Cari Johnson of A Dollar To Care, January 31

Sandra Beck, Military Mom Talk Radio, Mom Talk Radio, Talk Radio for Mothers, ,  Christy Holly, Rick Swanson, Itunes, Military Mom Incorporated, Toginet, Itunes,  Military Radio Show, Military Mom Radio Show, Podcasts for Military, Podcasts for Military Moms, Military Mom Podcast, Military Mothers Radio, Shows for Moms in Military, Cari Johnson, A Dollar to CareGuest Cari Johnson, founder of A Dollar To Care, visits Military Mom Talk Radio to talk about her newly formed non profit organization working to assist families of soldiers who have been, or in the process of, being charged with crimes during combat.

Many people do not realize that legal fees are all paid for by the soldier. They also lose their BAQ (Basic Allowance For Housing), yet many still have small children and wives to support.  The younger soldiers who were perhaps living at home prior to their deployment are faced with the similiar financial circumstances however most of the financial responsibility is falling on the parents and grandparents.

A Dollar To Care was formed to assist these families who are mentally and emotionally strained, and financially in debt. They receive requests for basic needs such as food or assistance with monthly bills, transportation expenses, and emergency funds for repairs or replacements of major appliances, vehicles, and their homes.

The last thing these warriors’ families need right now is to wonder how they will pay their bills next month. One dollar donations make an incredible  difference in the lives of these families.  For more information, visit

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