You Still Have Time to Vote For Freedom Dogs!

Freedom Dogs, freedomdogs,, Military Mom Talk Radio, Sandra Beck, service dogs for the militaryMilitary Mom Talk Radio is proud to devote our July 19th show to Freedom Dogs.  These phenominal service dogs are there for our wounded members of the military returning from armed conflict.  Through their unique Partner Program, a specialty service dog/trainer team is paired with these heroes on a short-term, intermittent basis as an adjunct to their rehabilitation. These teams help reintegrate these young men & women back into society and normal activities of daily living.

Freedom Dogs is one of the programs in the running for winning cash from Pepsi’s initiative called the Pepsi Refresh Program.  The public is encouraged to place a vote daily for their favorite cause – and we’re encouraging everyone to log in daily to vote for Freedom Dogs!!

Go to, sign up with just a brief enrollment, and vote daily for Freedom Dogs.  For more information about Freedom Dogs, visit

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