Creating a Memorable Thanksgiving by Sandra Beck, Motherhood Incorporated

By Sandra Beck, Motherhood Incorporated

Thanksgiving is a holiday with many family traditions ranging from Grandpa at the head of the table carving the turkey to Grandma’s famous pumpkin pie.  It is a time for family and friends to gather and give thanks for the many blessings they have had throughout the year.

You can start your own new traditions as well and involve your children in the preparations.  If you have an older child that is able to write, have them create placecards for everyone at the table.  They can decorate these as well.  Placemats can also be created for everyone as well and younger children can be involved in this craft as well. These can be simply a piece of construction paper with drawings by each of your children.  If you are feeling really creative have your children make a handprint with paint on each placemat to make the feathers of the turkey and then cut out construction paper in the shape of a bowling pin for the body of the turkey.  You can add googly eyes  etc. as you see fit.

You and your family can write down all of the things you are thankful for (little ones can dictate these to you).  Make a paper flower  for each of these things you are thankful for and attach it to wooden kabob sticks or popsicle sticks and place them in a vase for a simple yet meaningful centerpiece for the table.

By involving the whole family in creating these thanksgiving mementoes you are creating your own Thanksgiving memories as well.

We at Motherhood Incorporated wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving !

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day with a Side Order of Resentment

by Shannon Penrod

Isn’t being a Mom great? Yesterday I went to three stores trying to locate a St. Patrick ’s Day wand for my son. The letter of the week is W, he has to share something starting with W and on Saturday he informed me it had to be a leprechaun wand. Okay, I’m on the job. Only no one had any St. Paddy’s day wands – So I decided to make one! Yes, this is how I get my Super Mom Cape caught in the fan. 100_5233But I cobbled up a wand. And I bought a bunch of sticky foam shamrocks. Then I soaked a bunch of coins in vinegar to make them shine. I stuck coins to the back of the shamrocks. This is when my husband walked by and asked what I was doing, I told him my plan and he emptied his pockets of change.

Fast forward to 5am this morning when I crawled out of my warm bed to do work that I wasn’t able to do yesterday while I was making wands. I did some work, sprinkled the shamrocks in a pattern on the floor and started making special green biscuits for my son to take to school. It’s not even 7 am, but I’m well into my work day.

At 7:15 I instruct my husband to stand by the front door and make a ruckus. I tell him to make sure to slam the door shut when he sees our son coming. I run into the bedroom screaming to my son that there is a leprechaun loose in the house. He is groggy, but quickly wakes up and comes running into the living room. “Get him!” I yell pointing to the door. My son runs towards the door, my husband slams the door on cue and says, “Oh, no he got away!”

I point out to my son that the leprechaun has dropped some stuff. He has a blast picking up the shamrocks and identifying the money that is underneath. We all sit at the table to count the money and my son is thrilled. He says, “I found a pot of gold!” and then he looks adoringly up at my husband and says, “Thank you Daddy.” – Wait a minute – Thank you Daddy? Excuse me? Then my son starts munching on a green biscuit and tells me to go to the store and get him some bubble water.

Needless to say everything stopped and we had a pleasant conversation about why Mommy does nice things for you and how to show appropriate gratitude! Still, Daddy leaves for work – a long day that will not bring him home until after my son’s bedtime and I am left with putting green sparkly accessories on a boy who is already missing “Daddy the Wonderful”. Don’t get me wrong, Daddy is wonderful – but Hello! Mommy is a super hero! Okay her cape is usually caught in the fan, but come on! Where are the cheers? Where is the love? Where is the marching band? I guess I did my job so well that I preserved my anonymous super hero status for another day. To all the moms out there who stayed up late washing green clothes or woke up early to make green food – Happy St. Patrick’s Day – with a side order of resentment!

Daymaker Challenge Day 5-Free Night Out by Deb Gillespie and Dahna Weber

What is the thing we all crave……TIME!  Time alone, time alone with each of our kids, time with both our kids, time with our husbands/partners.  How about offering some of that to a close friend with kids?  Offer another mom to babysit her kids just because (for no reason at all), so that she can get some time alone or go out on a date (imagine that!).  You and your kids will even have fun and feel good for helping out a friend as a bonus!

Deb Gillespie and Dahna Weber

ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) and IPLEX

A very dear friend of mine asked me to help a wonderful woman in her fight…and as you all know at Motherhood Incorporated, we are all about change.  So knowing this, I have been asked to support this petition so people who want and need this drug can have access…here’s Tatiana’s story so read on… I supported her, I hope you will to…

Six months ago my husband was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease).  There is no known cure or treatment. Once diagnosed, the patient is essentially handed a death sentence.   I would do anything to help him.  I need a huge favor and your help in order to get another chance for my husband and thousands of other people with ALS another chance and hope.  We cannot wait, every week every day counts. In 2006, the FDA approved a drug called IPLEX manufactured by Insmed.  There followed a number of anecdotal claims stating that IPLEX was effective in slowing down progression and possibly reversing some of the effects of ALS, as well as HIV and burn victims..Unfortunately, Genentech took Insmed to court, for patent infringement.  The case was settled in March 2007 causing IPLEX to be pulled off the market world-wide.  Only a small study now exists in Italy because of the involvement of Italian Ministry of Health.  These results are due in the Fall or early winter, and many positive results have been reported in the Italian media. The court system in Italy officially recognizes these positive resultsFrom a statement on Insmed’s website “As part of this settlement, we are allowed to develop IPLEX™ for specific indications. ALS is not one of the permitted indications.” What can you do?We found this petition on the internet to “Allow IPLEX to be distributed to ALS patients and burn victims”. I’m asking you to sign this petition to help us reach our goal of 10,000 signatures to allow IPLEX to be distributed to ALS patients,The following is the link to this petition.

Thank you very much.

So if you have a moment, look at the site or head straight to the petition. If it were my family member or friend, I would want access to every possible treatment that could save my child or my husband’s life. It only takes a minute, but you could make a huge difference in the life of one family — and many others.  Thank you!

Supermom is Down

By: Julia Rodriguez

We do it all. We work, clean, cook, keep the family running……..everything. We are supermoms. But sometimes we need to have our down time. We feel unappreciated, tired, depressed, overwhelmed, pressured, just not very motivated. Husbands and children just cannot comprehend this. We also need down times. Its like a cycle. We go down and come back up.  For me its a time of thinking of the important things in my life and how to solve problems that are bugging me. Maybe talking to a friend and venting can help in these situations or a big bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream will help.  Find something that motivates you and helps you get back to being your self again.  Soon supermom will up saving the world ………..again.

When Daddy Has to Be Mommy by Karen Williams

I am currently recovering from cosmetic surgery. When I was pregnant, I knew I was only going to be pregnant once. I enjoyed nine months of Foodie-Free-For-All! It was the most amazing supersized, sour cream covered, extra cheese, double pepperoni, whole milk, sugar coated nine months of my life. At the end, however, I was one beautiful daughter and seventy-five pounds richer. My doctor was not impressed.

 A couple of diets and several months of hardcore exercising later, I lost seventy-four pounds (I really hate that last pound). I found myself fitting into my pre-pregnancy jeans, but I was still a mess! I had too much skin, too many stretch marks, and not enough patience for all-natural methods of regaining my twenty-five year old body. After considerable research and numerous consultations, I had a tummy-tuck on Thursday. My doctor warned me about the many, many drawbacks of a tummy tuck. My back hurts because I can’t sit straight. My stomach hurts because most of it is missing. My muscles hurt because I can barely move. More than all of this, however, is the pain that comes from taking a “Mommy break.”

I can’t lift my daughter for a while, so I have made sure to have extra help around the house. I have ensured that the sitter we trust the most will come over everyday to help care for my daughter under my watchful eye. This fabulous babysitter knows my methods for feeding, cleaning, changing, and scheduling my daughter’s day. Today, however, on my second day of recovery, I realize I forgot to prepare one person: my husband.

Let me begin by assuring everyone, myself included, that my husband is a fabulous father. He loves our daughter more than I could have possibly hoped for, and they are great friends. I, however, come from a long line of people who have a specific way of doing things at a specific time with no justifiable reason for doing things any differently (read: Control Freaks).

I don’t understand why my dear husband fed our daughter breakfast a half an hour later than usual. I cannot fathom why she had lunch an hour later than normal, and I’m completely lost as to why it would be acceptable for her to wear her pajamas four hours after the time she normally gets dressed. As I sit in my carefully-poised-position-of-pain, I ruminate about which part of this situation is worse: the fact that I can’t care for my daughter the way I see fit or the fact that I can’t seem to handle letting my husband take control.

Fortunately, we all have a good sense of humor about this. At eight months old, my daughter seems to be recovering nicely from her late start to her day. My husband is laughing good-naturedly at my cruise director tendencies where our daughter is concerned. And me? Well, I’m working on it. I would like to say that I have whole-heartedly accepted my lack of control, but I would be lying. Although I know in my heart of hearts that my husband knows what he is doing and my baby will be fine, I can’t help but think that nobody can play mommy to my baby as well as I can.

Letting Go of the Little Things – By Nicole Perkins

By Nicole Perkins

This weekend was a nightmare – I had a freak yoga accident that I won’t go into details about, but nonetheless, left me virtually immobilized for the entire weekend. Thank goodness my husband was home so he could take care of the kids!

While I lay in bed, I could hear all the laughter, games, swimming – all the cute things they were doing and it started to make me jealous. It made me jealous because the kids were being really wonderful for him. I’m sure having his undivided attention and doing all sorts of fun things was the best weekend ever for them!

When I’m home with the kids, there’s usually work to do, housekeeping, errands – none of which interrupted their time with dad this weekend. And unfortunately I let the jealousy almost get the better of me. At one point I got up and immediately just started taking note of all the things he didn’t do – hang up the wet towels after swimming, wipe down the counters after lunch, give them a bath – you get the idea.

So I made a comment about how, sure he did great with the kids, because he didn’t have to worry about any of the little things. And I regretted it the minute it left my mouth. It sounded so bitchy of me! He had fed and entertained the kids for two days straight, completely tended to any needs I had – all without a single complaint. I was the one who needed to stop worrying about the little things!

I guess I had hoped he’d see how hard it is for me sometimes – taking care of the kids and the house, but he didn’t and I wanted to point out all the things that didn’t get done while he was busy having fun. But I stopped myself – I let go of the little things and realized how lucky I am to have a husband who’s wonderful enough to handle two toddlers for two straight days without incident. He’s amazing. They had a great time and I’m thrilled.