Military Mom Talk Radio with Sandra Beck and Robin Boyd feature three books, Searching For Lincoln’s Ghost, A Passel of Hate, and Forever Growing – A Journey of Trust on March 18th

lincolnghostPeppered with Lincoln folklore, Searching for Lincoln’s Ghost offers an authentic look at coming of age during the tumultuous 1960s, exploring such disturbing topics as personal isolation, fear and depression, bullying, social and racial intolerance.

It is 1966, and Castalia Indiana, like most cities of that time, is grappling with social and cultural change. Meanwhile, rumors have long swirled around Castalia’s Lincoln Elementary School. Over its long history, the school has produced two sixth graders who claim to have seen Lincoln’s ghost in the school’s auditorium. When Andi prays on her dead mother’s rosary to be the next sixth grader to encounter Lincoln’s ghost as “living” proof of an afterlife, a complex chain of events is set into motion, including the appearance of a new boy at school who harbors an explosive secret, and mysterious moaning emanating from the dark stage after school. While Andi desperately seeks answers to life’s most difficult questions, an unlikely new friend emerges—a mystical bait shop owner named Ezra who seems to have all the answers she’s searching for.

In spite of substantive themes, Andi’s search for meaning is a captivating journey that will both delight and pierce the heart. It’s a timeless tale about the power of love, empathy, and how the actions of one person can profoundly impact another.

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PasselBrutal in its depiction of the harrowing nature of war and the price paid by our revolutionary ancestors, A Passel of Hate and its breakneck pacing forge a relentless adventure full of bravery, horrific violence, and first-rate historical-action entertainment.The fact-based novel vividly describes the tribulations and heartbreak of a frontier family with sons fighting on both sides in the struggle for American independence.

Emotions are split and bitter among the Godley brothers as the British led Loyalist army invades western North Carolina in September, 1780. The farms and homes of residents rebelling against the king are plundered and homes burned. Supporters of freedom are murdered or beaten.  The area is about evenly divided in allegiances, but most people want no part of either side.  This is a vicious civil war of neighbor fighting neighbor, brother fighting brother.

Outraged by the brutality by some Tory partisans, Jacob Godley and his youngest brother joined the Liberty Men while their three brothers and many neighbors take up arms to fight with the Loyalist militia.

Reinforced with frontier militia from ‘over the mountains,’ the Patriots chase the Loyalists eastward, catching them Kings Mountain. The Patriots decisively defeat the Loyalists in a brutal one-hour battle, thereby turning the tide of the war. However, it is a bittersweet victory that results in much anguish for the Godley family.

Gripping, visceral and full of intensity, A Passel of Hate is a recipient of a 2012 Silver Medal from the Military Writers Society of America.

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Forever_GrowingRichelle Rodgers is a respected professional in the museum, insurance and franchising industries.  Richelle’s expertise has increased the effectiveness of the following organizations and businesses:  Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, PHICO Medical Malpractice Insurance Company, Pennsylvania National Insurance Company, Boabab Culture Center, Rochester Museum and Science Center.  As Collections Manager with the Pennsylvania State Museum she was entrusted with the management of 2 million plus artifacts in Harrisburg, and in 17 historical sites throughout Pennsylvania.

Richelle Rodgers book, Forever Growing—a Journey of Trust is an inspiring testimony to how a relationship with the Lord will guide you through overwhelming events into a life of achievement and fulfillment.

Richelle’s story is a living testimony of how her faith has guided her to emerge victorious and will give a voice to those who are overwhelmed by despair and anger.  Her inspirational writing and speaking will encourage those:  changing their business or career; reinventing themselves, forced to start over or dealing with illness, domestic violence or hard times.  Hope springs eternal in both Richelle’s writing and speaking and she isn’t just talk the talk but has walked the walk.  For anyone who is experiencing upheaval or uncertainty, Richelle’s Forever Growing– a Journey of Trust will inspire you to know that you can:  “Let Go and Let God!

Richelle is a U.S. Army veteran whose professional accomplishments have benefitted numerous community organizations and are testimony to her skills and talents.  The outward accomplishments are only part of the story.  Richelle’s relationship with the Lord and commitment to service to him is the foundation of her life story.  Surviving a childhood where a terrible act of violence penetrated family life, where poverty and racism could have drowned her, Richelle grew in strength and overcame all obstacles to emerge victorious and a dedicated servant to the Lord.

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