One in four Internet users is involved in social networking by Tia Peterson/All American Admin

In a recent technology news article cited in a blog, it was quoted that one out of every four online users is engaged in social networking.


– Among the 30 and over working-age population, one out of eight uses social networking sites to conduct business.

I’ve been part of the social networking community for years, so… my prediction? It’s only a matter of time before it becomes one out of every four who are among the 30+ working age population who will use social networking sites to conduct business.

What does that mean for you? It means, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. If you’re going to conduct business online, conduct it successfully by doing what many other e-marketers have already discovered. Find a social network that’s right for you and go to town!



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Late night makeovers and by Tia Peterson/All American Admin

I think it’s so funny that Sandra just recently posted about getting a lovely long night of sleep, because it’s after midnight at the moment (on the East Coast) and I’m still awake, day-dreaming of sleep…

I just gave my company website a quick makeover. Not in terms of design or personality, but in content. I was finally able to streamline what I do into something I can “talk about at parties” (that was a nod to Jack Nicholson’s monologue in A Few Good Men…)

Seriously, though, I was able to spend some time while my son is down for (half) the night refining and describing my service offering in a way that finally makes sense. Being a virtual assistant is a wonderous and mysterious thing: people love what you do while at the same time not quite understanding what you do, no matter how many times you explain it.

On a totally different note, I want to brag that I was the first to “discover” Motherhood Incorporated and the Mother Incoporated blog on StumbleUpon. If you don’t know what StumbleUpon is, you should find out soon.

The main reason is that you should at least look to see whether someone has already discovered your site (it makes you feel good) and secondly you should know whether you’re getting thumbs ups or thumbs down – because your approval isn’t warranted with StumbleUpon. Your website could be getting rated and you wouldn’t be the wiser unless you are part of the StumbleUpon community.

It’s really a website ratings tool – people involved in StumbleUpon spend time “stumbling” websites that are presented to them based on a set of preferences. Then, we give the site a thumbs up or thumbs down. The more thumbs up a site is given, the more it is presented, thereby increasing the daily hits to that site exponentially.

If that kind of thing strikes your fancy, I say give it a try. I like it so far, but I caution against spending too much time “stumbling” – it’s very addictive!



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Breaking Up the Routine by Tia Peterson/All American Admin

I’m working from Panera Bread today rather than from home, at least for a few hours, and already my thoughts are different than usual. My mood is lighter, almost carefree, and I’ve “found” some time to do some extra-curricular social networking while I was here. Funny how that works.

There’s something about seeing new faces, hearing new conversations and physically being in a new space that causes our mind to expand into all sorts of new ideas and thoughts.

Working from home can either be ultimately exhilarating or downright suffocating, depending on the amount of space, noise, and distraction you’re exposed to, or just according to your own boredom level. I become bored with myself quickly and so from time to time, I like to change it up.

Don’t be afraid to break up the routine every now and then – and be true to yourself. Working from home has its ups and downs and just like all things, you are not required to love it 100% of the time! Find a local co-working place (like Office Nomads – or do what I do and make it excuse to buy high-priced bagels and coffee and just get out for an hour or two…and see what new ideas come your way. 🙂


#1 Online Social Networking Tip: Be social! by Tia Peterson/All American Admin

This idea may seem utterly obvious but I assure you that there is wisdom in this advice.

The power in online social networking is the first half of the term, so be social!

Social networks were not originally created with businesses in mind, they were created for real people to make or reinforce or support connections with other real people.

I think online social networking is great fun. I’ve been part of MySpace and Plaxo for years now (along with some others) and have just gotten into Facebook and Twitter over the last couple years.

But online social networking can be good for business (hence, the reason I offer an e-course about it) and apparently the networks themselves agree: for example, Facebook Pages is specifically for services and products. There are even “business” social networks like Biznik and StartupNation.

But when businesses create profiles but forget to “connect” and be social, they are doing themselves a disservice. You will get a huge return on your time investment in social networking if you can connect with other members.
Here are a few key ways to connect:

  1. Participate in groups. This is the most effective way to grow your friends list. This takes time, but you need to find a couple groups to belong to, submit a few relevant comments every now and then, maybe participate in a forum discussion, AND THEN invite others in the group to be your friend.
  2. Get personal. Make sure there is something personal about you on your profile. You absolutely need a personal photograph of yourself first and foremost, but you could also include your marital status, whether or not you have children, where you went to college or high school, or some likes/dislikes or favorites.
  3. Respond to comments. I’m guilty of neglecting this key principle but it is really important if you want to use social networks for business growth. Make sure you respond to comments and messages. No one likes to feel ignored. Take the time to do this act of common courtesy at least once weekly.
  4. Invite your real friends/colleagues. Make sure you take advantage of every network’s feature that searches your contact lists to find people who are already part of the network. It’s quick, easy, and it’s a great way to make connects almost instantly.

If you’re concerned about time there are a number of ways to make it worth your while: you can outsource the setup and management or you can create a social network marketing plan that takes time into consideration. If you’re curious how to make it work for you, feel free to check out my free social networking e-course at The link is in the left sidebar.

Happy networking!


Stop Chasing Clients: Let them come to you by Tia Peterson/All American Admin

Ever feel like you’re in a race against the competition for clients? Let me tell you this: constantly hounding them for their business is not the way to go.

But there are three sure-fire things you can do to set up shop so that clients are coming to YOU instead of you running after them all the time.

  1. ASK FOR IT. It may seem like the simplest, silliest thing to mention here, but I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for your marketing materials (including website and blog) to include a “call to action.” It’s OK to assume that your visitors and prospective clients want to know how to get in touch with you. So, help them out by telling them how to do it! You’ll notice that on every main page of my website, I include a call to action near the bottom. On every single page.
  2. DO A GOOD JOB. Another very simple (well, maybe not always) thing to do. This is not rocket science. If you do a good job, your clients will come back to you. You don’t even need a fancy shopping cart with autoresponders and all that jazz. Just be your amazingly fabulous self, do a great job, and you’ve locked in a client for life. Yes, it’s great to keep up with your clients to remind them that you’re still around, but you don’t need to chase them down with sales and discounts. In fact, your repeat clients will pay for you at a premium because they understand from experience how valuable you are.
  3. CLEARLY EXPLAIN WHAT YOU DO. Even I am guilty of not clearly explaining what I do, which is why I’m in the process of creating clear-cut proposals for each of my services and they will be available for prospective clients to download when they visit my services page. If your services are outlined clearly enough, clients will know what you do and won’t click away out of frustration, boredom or disinterest. If they need something you provide, they will contact you.

A fourth, bonus sure-fire way to get clients coming to you is to make sure you are easy to contact. Don’t be elusive. If you’re a virtual assistant, at least include an email address. But, including an actual contact form is best.

If you don’t have a contact form, download the’s .zip file and get to work. You’ll need a webhost that supports .php (and not all plans do – don’t assume this – that’s why I like siteground).

Try these out! They work for me.


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