The Wedding Show with Sandra Beck, Christy Holly and Rick Swanson. The Good – The Bad and The Ugly on Motherhood Talk Radio

Sandra Beck, snarkily divorced….Christy Holly, happily married….Rick Swanson, cynically single brings their insight to the good, the bad and the ugly to weddings and relationships after Sandra and Rick went two different weddings this weekend, respectively.

The trio will discuss dos/don’ts for wedding and marriages…and bring their funny stories from their own experiences along with those of their un named friends and family to the table.  Tune in today to live, laugh and love with the three silly friends as they put the personal in to personal relationships.

And, yes, Snarky is a word.  So Snarkily is the correct use of that term according to Sandra – though Rick Swanson – aka Joe Redpen …will mostly likely correct her.  Then Christy will laugh and call him a nerd.   See what you are missing? Tune in today…
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