Setting Up a Home Office

It’s easy to think that if you don’t have a spare room in your house, then you don’t have room for a home office.

As the French say, au contraire! (To the contrary!) There are all sorts of places in your home where you can put a home office without feeling cramped or overcrowded, if you just use some imagination and ingenuity.

Before you begin, ask yourself some basic questions. How much time will you spend in the office area, and what will you do there? Are you simply looking for a designated spot at which to pay bills and balance the checkbook, and maybe catch up on a few projects from work? Or do you need a full-fledged computer area with printer, fax, and so on?

If you work a secular career from your home, this will also help determine the amount of space you need. An interior designer or architect needs a flat area to spread out books and plans. A lawyer may need a quiet and comfortable chair to read in.

Do you have customers or clients that visit? This means you may need a separate entrance or direct access to your office without having to trek through the house.