Home-Office Noise Levels, Am I in Compliance? by Kelli Shand/Our Milk Money

by Kelli Shand

Home-Office Noise Levels, Am I in Compliance? I enjoy running my business out of my home. It allows me many luxuries that working in an office can’t offer. I could go into all the pluses, but there are too many to mention, and I’m going to keep this short. But, the main reason I love working from home is my children are always near, most of the time in the same room, or at least in view. Yes, my work environment is sometimes noisy, wild and chaotic, but it’s what I have come accustom to, and quite frankly I enjoy it.  Let me give a bit of background. I’m an only child and lived 18 years with just my mother. I am quiet by nature. I enjoy doing things alone- going to movies, restaurants and even traveling by myself. I truly enjoy solitude…….that was until I became a mom. Now with 2 little boys and a third on the way, silence no longer exists. I’m not sure how I have adapted, but I’m sure it had something to do with the grace of God. I know my life will never be a quiet one again, and I am ok with it. Ok, so continuing with my story….My husband was home from work sick this week, and got to experience a bit of my workday. He informed me the noise (from the children) exceeded the workplace limit of 85dB! (He is somewhat of a noise level expert.) “No way could I work in this noise,” he said…..I just had to laugh. I’ve never seen him recover from the flu that quickly.  

I could go out and buy a set of ear defenders, but I’m quite happy not being in compliance.

Kelli Shand

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