How Writing One eBook Changed My Life Completely, Part III by Nicole Ocean

So there I was trying to market my eBook using a simple web template that provided through their, “Website Tonight,” line of products. I also upgraded my website quickly with a shopping cart that was secure so that people could place their orders through my online shopping cart and receive an automatic digital delivery of their purchase instantly after making a payment through Paypal.

At that time, I only accepted and knew how to accept payment by using Paypal. I quickly saw that there would be potential to make more money if I offer more ways for people to pay and thus I hooked up with a great company called, “” Right after I started excepting more ways for my customers to pay my sales doubled and tripled month by month.

I was so excited with each new change and upgrade that  I made to my website. I decided that my whole website needed to be scraped and replaced. I purchased another all-on-one template that was html based and compatible with Frontpage. This way I could all of the work while learning in the process everything I needed to know to be grow my business, look more professional and overal be as successful as possible.

 Below is a glimpse of the template that I choose and how it looks today after many, many hours of tweaking!

 To be continued…….

By: Nicole Ocean of nicolesdreams eBooks