How Writing One eBook Changed My Life Completely, Part IV by Nicole Ocean

I left off where my website received a much needed facelift. I gave it one and then some! Plus, I decided to start a FREE blog where people in the BPO and REO business could communicate with each other, ask questions, post blogs on their personal experiences and more.

For the first few months my blog started to get more and more members, as well as various new topics kept on appearing every few days.  While today, I have built up the blog to having over 900 members and over 120 different topics discussed. This blog is such a blessing in disguise because it helped me stand out from my competitors as a selling point. Plus, I decided long ago to not let any adverstisements be run or placed anywhere on my website or within my blog space.

Within this whole time I also had been selling my first eBook on eBay and quickly grew to possessing a coveted status of being a “Powerseller.” What this means is that I had to have an almost 100% positive feedback that my past customers left about how it was to do business with me as well as reach minimum monthly sales goals. I have been able to keep this status for over 1 year and hope to continue to be able to do this also.

On top of all of this I also wrote 3 more eBooks. Two of them were just the list of 60 and a list of 120 companies that was inside my BPO Manual. I created these eBooks for people that already had an intermediate level understanding into the BPO business, but at the same time they wanted to grow their business. I sold the lists for $9.99 for the list of 60 companies and $19.99 for the list of 120 companies. I haven’t increased or decreased my prices and have been able to ride out a stream of people who tried to “Copy-cat,” my material and sell it as their own. This is a whole different story that I’ll write about another time.

To be continued……..

Written by Nicole Ocean

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