A Real Day in the Life of a Work From Home Mom!

My Day as a  Real Work at Home Mom

Yes, today I had an awful day. I miserable, horrible, awful day and I can think nothing better than to share my woes before I yell at my kids, rant at my dog, give my husband the stink eye or sit down in front of everyone and cry. Maybe someone will feel sorry for me…no one really feels sorry for moms and working moms only get a smidgen more on the pity meter.  Or maybe some mom who had a bad day reads this and says, hey! Mine wasn’t that bad. I am glad I am not her and I feel so much better…

My day started out by one of my clients telling me in no uncertain terms that my website tabs I created were “Dog SH&%”  After getting over my shock, I glanced at the pile of bills yet to be for the month and all thoughts of hanging up on him went out the window.  As I listened to him rant and rave, I realized he was dumping on me – and that my work wasn’t awful – he just didn’t express himself clearly.  Since my mind-reading skills are rusty, I let that one pass.

Hours later, after making lunch for my two adorable children who declared the meals “Yuck” and “Ewwww!” I went back to my home office disheartened, disagreeable and with dirty hair. The call this morning took up my precious grooming time.

By four, my nerves were shot and I scarfed down an apple that had been in my fridge so long it started to look like my Great Uncle Pete. Two clients completely blew me off and one client who racked up a huge bill with me told me she is going bankrupt and can’t pay me. She said she’s sorry, but that I should be glad she called me in person to tell me she’s stiffing me instead of just hiding from me. I mumbled a misery filled thank you wondering how we got as a society that we should thank someone for ripping us off.

Dinner was a fiasco. No milk. No eggs. No fresh anything.  But huge slabs of frozen meat provided by my mother who doesn’t think I feed my sons enough meat.  As my husband chewed the leather-like strips I called dinner, he made gagging noises with the kids who thought it was hilarious. I didn’t. And just to add to the comic relief, my toddler unhooked his diaper to show his slightly older brother how to pee through the high chair which rained down on his baby food.
I threw the scraps to the dog, yanked both kids into the bathtub and seethed at the day that just kept getting better and better.

Finally, after being up for the past 16 hours I sit down to watch the recordings on my Direct TV box – Men in Trees, Gray’s Anatomy and Law and Order.  The box is dark and not making its annoying hum. Its dead. All my shows are gone which is why I am writing this at almost midnight.  Everyone is asleep and it is the only time in my day that there is silence. I get up to go to bed only to realize that at 11:59 I get my period.  A classic ending to a memorable day…and did I mention I am still in my pajamas?

Here’s to a better tomorrow! For all of us…