My Day as a Virtual Business Owner, by Sandra Beck Motherhood Incorporated

Maybe this will make you feel better…you couldn’t be more tired than I am right now, but you never know…here goes… 


7:00 Peel eyes open and insert lenses – life still fuzzy

7:15 Turn on Noggin and make breakfast for Max (age 4)

7:20 Eat old banana while checking urgent blackberry emails

7:30 Answer email

7:45 Send out jobs for day

8:00 Take call from client

8:30 Replace child’s yuk toast with yum bagel

8:45 Diaper Change

8:47 Repair flash figurine’s arm with duct tape

9:00 Cook new eggs from original breakfast that landed on floor from zach (age 1.5)

9:15 answer email while Elmo is on

9:30 write down messages on company answering machine

9:45 Bathroom patrol with both boys

10:00 conference call with headset on mute

10:30 answer email

10:45 Pick up nanny from train

11:00 write articles

11:30 Bathtub meltdown and Hazmat assistance after zach peed on his brother

11:45 Run Max to Preschool

11:45 Client meltdown broken website

12:00 run to grocery for milk, eggs, bread, salad, cereal and fruit

12:40 lunch for everyone

12:45 toss in sheets and towels

1:15 Nap for Zach

1:30 Hold Coaching Call

1:35 Spray oven with cleaner

2:00 Feed dogs

2:15 Feed self

2:20 answer email

2:30 Business call

2:45 Pick up Max from Preschool

3:00 Move sheets to dryer now all wrinkly

3:30 Answer email

4:00 Hold Coaching Call

4:55 Throw frozen chicken in hot sink water

5:00 Hold Coaching Call

5:57 throw whole split chicken on grill, plug in rice cooker and open salad bag

6:10 drop nanny on train with kids in car

6:30 everyone eats dinner of charred chicken, gooey rice and bagged salad

7:00 get zach ready for bed

7:15 diaper change

7:30 swim time with max and daddy in pool (tires both out!)

7:55 fight with max about bedtime and making brownies

8:00 read Elmo, Thomas, Scooby and Clifford

8:30 Wrestle max into bed, give up and turn on superfriends

9:00 answer email from computer in bed

9:30 post to blogs, check stats

10:00 watch tv with husband

11:00 bathtime for mommy

12:00 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz