Do I have to Write My Blog Myself?

by Shannon Penrod

Hold on to your hats, I’m going to say something controversial.  No, you do not have to write your own blog.  Okay, everyone take a deep breath. 

For generations busy influential people have surrounded themselves with wordsmiths, people who are good with words, to help them to make the absolute utmost of their communication skills.  We no longer hide the fact that a team of speech writers works with all presidents and presidential candidates.  Jay Leno and David Letterman don’t step foot on the stage without a room full or writers punching up their jokes.  We accept that these fabulously successful people have help writing material that ends up being credited to them, so why are we squeamish about people getting help writing their blogs?

Yes it is supposed to be personal.  I’m sure that David Letterman would argue that his monologue is pretty personal.  We accept that successful and busy people need a writing staff because their talents are needed elsewhere.  Isn’t the same true for you? Wouldn’t it be great for you to have a well written blog, complete with your input, that is published on a consistent basis but doesn’t require all of your time and attention?

Don’t you wonder if that’s how the really successful people are doing it?  I can tell you with certainty; in most cases they have “blog support”.  Different clients need different things.  Some people write a blog themselves and just use our services to grammar check and beef up the blog for search engine optimization.  Other clients give us a list of topics, we write blogs on the topics and then they add their own flavor to it – thus making it very personal but severely cutting the amount of time they have to spend on a blog.  Other clients ask us to blog on a general subject and only approve the blogs before they are posted.  It depends on the client’s desires for the blog and for their time.

The more successful you are the more crucial your time management skills.  Blogging is with out a doubt one of the most incredible tools available in today’s fast paced technology driven world.  Not having the time to blog is no longer an option.  When you are ready to delegate we have wordsmiths on call at