Keeping a Pre-Schooler Busy while You Work

Over the last three months I have been juggling child care while I work.  Because my husband travels a lot, I am often stuck with the kids 24-7 trying to get it all done.  I don’t have anyone who comes on a regular basis and rely on a team of women who help me when I need it.  This weekend the gals I usually depend on all were busy. Because of the flexing in my work and husband’s travel schedule it is impossible to hire someone full time.  So I struggle with the part-time two step.

My kids love it because the different women all bring different things to the baby sitting party.  Jasmin loves to sing and dance.  Brinna loves to pretend play and makes towns out of our Thomas Tracks.   Gloria is the outdoor maniac and there is hiking, swimming and hours at the park.  Mita loves to cook and we all enjoy her creations from cakes to casseroles – and she often makes enough for a few days!

This weekend, the holiday weekend,  I was alone. No husband, no help and I had a huge project to complete.  I needed about 10 uniterrupted hours.  I phoned a mom friend and was complaining when she told me about some fantastic websites that kept her toddler busy while her baby napped.  Sounded to good to be true, but you know what? It wasn’t.

Each day I put my son down for a two-hour nap and brought my other son into my office. I set him up on the computer and he got the hang of it a lot quicker than I ever did.  We went to the site my friend recommended and were amazed at all the free online games that were educational and entertaining — best of all they are FREE!  I am not an advocate of plunking your kid in front of the tv or computer for hours, but in an emergency these do the trick!  And, my son and I decided that for 30 minutes each day he gets to use mommy’s computer and do his “work.” 

He has learned all about recycling and warns us all not to waste water.  He shows his little brother Elmo’s Potty game and tells everyone he meets “it’s not good to hold it – when you feel like you have to go, go!”  Its fun and he’s learned a lot of really valuable and charming things — a lot better than his recent playdate learning of how to blow your spit and suck it back in — which usually means spitting on his brother.

So here are the sites – I suggest you check them out — I am glad I did…  (this one is a great one to prepare for school!)

 Have a great day and hope you like them!

xo! Sandra