Mommy, You need to be Wonder Woman, by Sandra Beck of Motherhood Incorporated

 by sandra beck


I was talking to my husband about the running of my company and how I was feeling run down, overworked and getting really stressed out as my company continues to grow in leaps and bounds.  Some days it feels like I am wrangling 6 horses that want to charge out of control while I hold on to the reigns for dear life.  In the beginning, I fretted about too little work …now I fret about too much. My son who is four looked up at me and said, “Mommy, you just need to be Wonder Woman.”


He was right.


But I am no Wonder Woman. No snazzy cuffs. No invisible jet. No magic lasso. 


I went online to find some tips on time management.  I often complain about not having the time to get things done and boy was I surprised to find so much of the on-line advice blaming me for wasting time and constantly! What I found was that many experts said on average that interruptions happen approximately 8 times a day and adds up to about 2-3 hours of wasted time.  I was also instructed that I can control these interruptions with just a little persistence and planning.


My first thought was, “You are out of your cotton-picking mind!”


My second thought was, “You are not a working mother!”


In my effort to “plan, plan, plan” and “if you fail to plan, plan to fail,” I realized a few things as I plan for Motherhood Incorporated’s day..


  1. No matter how much you plan or organize, a bloody nose, a dirty diaper or a high fever throws you off your plan.


  1. You are only as good as your support systems allow you to be – babysitters flaking, kids home sick from daycare,  or husbands out of town throw you off your plan.


  1. Planning gets the dinner done faster, but won’t do the grocery shopping, the cooking or the cleanup while battling with your children over the “Yuk!” dinner you prepared.


  1. Established working hours only work if your kids, dogs, husbands and the planet Mercury are in alignment. Check your astronomy guide for that part of your “plan.”


  1. Planning to get everything done on your to-do list is like taking off all the baby weight you gained in your third pregnancy, plus the first and second, by this weekend.


It sounds like I am actively against planning, but I am really not.  I am actively against UNREALISTIC planning. I have found that my own system  at works best.  I write down everything I have to do each day prior to starting my work day.  I put everything in one of three categories:


  1. Things that MUST get done today.
  2. Things I COULD get done today.
  3. Things that CAN WAIT.


I made a promise to myself that I will be proud of myself if I just accomplish the things that MUST get done.   If I have time, I get to the could ones…but that is pretty rare.  As for the things that are in the can wait category – well they wait and that is okay.


My advice for everyone reading this article – do the best you can, set realistic expectations taking into consideration your responsibilities, and hide two matching bracelets in your desk for the times you need to repel evil clients!