Making The Transition: What are you going do?

If youre like me, you are trying to make the transition from a working mom to a work at home mom running my own business and let me tell you, its tough. Between work and home, I dont have much time to organize myself to make the transition quickly.  So I am taking baby steps towards my goal.


Lets take the first baby step by answering these questions. What are you going to do? What services or products do you want to offer? What are you good at? What do you enjoy doing that can also provide you with income? What can you offer your clients from the comfort of your home? Will your boss consider you working for him/her from home?  Start by thinking about these questions and write it down in a notebook.  Write everything in your notebook that has to do with your new business idea.  Remember to carry your notebook everywhere so that you can write down any ideas that might pop in your head during the day.