Thermometers and Blackberries by Sandra Beck, Motherhood Incorporated

This week the weather changed and with the coming of sunny, warm weather from the cold and damp came the change of weather colds.   As a mother who works from home this created a unique challenge.  Taking a day off work, means taking a day off from my clients, my virtual assistants and my projects for which I get paid.  There was no one to delegate and even though I hired a babysitter to care for the kids, they only wanted mommy.

So I grabbed my Blackberry and went into my son’s rooms where they were both miserable, flushed and crabby – and both with runny noses.  I quickly turned on Elmo and grabbed my new thermometer. I pulled it out of its “parent-proof” packaging and scanned the directions.  I command a company that serves clients around the globe with state of the art technology at my fingertips and I was stumped by this snazzy thermometer.

I had an old glass thermometer that frightens me and a busted one that I used during my fertility treatments.  My new one was still in its packaging.

I put in the batteries, scanned the directions again.  I couldn’t get it right. To punctuate my ineptitude, the thermometer beeped in protest. “Beep beep beep beeeeeeeeeeeeep!”….sounded an awful like “get it right,  loooooooooooooooser!”  My Blackberry vibrated and vibrated as calls came in for Motherhood Incorporated ( With a quick glance I monitored the calls and emails noting nothing urgent.  I fiddled with the thermometer for a good 20 minutes before I realized I had to put the little plastic ear germ guards for it to function.

I took my son’s temperature — 102.5.

I took my toddler’s temperature — 101.6

I took my own and even I was 99.3. 

I am sure my blood pressure went up raising my temperature over this complicated thermometer.  Once I got the hang of it, I was find.  I took their temperature hourly and kept them comfy, loved and relatively happy.  I emailed and made calls while they slept.  I was amazed that I could work a complicated Blackberry a whole lot easier than a digital thermometer.

I think there should be a function on a working mom’s Blackberry that takes temperatures.   I poured my self a glass of gingerale and thought about my day. I kept my company Motherhood Incorporated running from the bedroom of my sick kids.  Ain’t technology grand!  (thermometers excluded!)