A Super Classy Way to Remember any Special Occasion by Nicole Ocean

I was just sending out a special message to a loved one (an anniversary to be exact) and thought of what a good idea it would be to share my favorite way to remember people’s special occasions.

I came across e-cards years ago and I to this day I still send them. I use a free website called I am sure that you most of you have heard of it and may are familiar with receiving an e-card of two!

My suggestion would be to set up reminders for yourself by placing a note on your calendar of the special occasions that you want to remember and even if you end up giving someone a physical gift, also sending an e-card is always such a great way to express yourself. Plus, anytime I have received an e-card I feel all warm and fuzzy about getting it, especially if it was it made a special message attached to it!

Some of the benefits to sending an e-card is that it is unique (especially if you pick out an e-card that is a good fit for the person you are sending it to and it matches the occasion that you are wanting to share in), it is FREE ( I should have put that in there first!!) , you can set the date you want it sent (so you can go in once and set up all of the upcoming special occasions you have for the year and get them done in one fell swoop,) and lastly it gets sent automatically to the person you want to receive it, with nothing more for you to do!

So the next time you want to do something different to show someone that you remember them, want to thank them or that you are just plain thinking of them. send them an e-card.

By Nicole Ocean of nicolesdreams eBooks