Cheap & Fun Ways to Visually Promote Your Business by Nicole Ocean

I recently learned about an amazing business printing company called Vista Print (Their website address is:

I was able to put together some very fun promotional items and not have to pay an arm and a leg for them. I paid around $100.00 for lots of stuff. 

I would suggest ordering items that you can in turn send out to future/past/current clients that not only promotes your business, but also makes the gift that you give a fun one to receive. Some suggestions would be personalized (with your company logo and catch phrase) pens, sticky pads, calendars and if you are very familiar with your client then a custom printed family caricature product would be a great gift to give!

Please see below for examples of what I got printed out.

Back of Company T-Shirt

Long-Sleeve T-Shirt with my company logo ( I printed out enough for myself as well as my loved ones too!)

(Front of my business card)

(Back of my business card)

I am just getting started here. You can get a lot done for not very much money and the quality of their finished products is great!


 Nicole Ocean

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