Breaking Up the Routine by Tia Peterson/All American Admin

I’m working from Panera Bread today rather than from home, at least for a few hours, and already my thoughts are different than usual. My mood is lighter, almost carefree, and I’ve “found” some time to do some extra-curricular social networking while I was here. Funny how that works.

There’s something about seeing new faces, hearing new conversations and physically being in a new space that causes our mind to expand into all sorts of new ideas and thoughts.

Working from home can either be ultimately exhilarating or downright suffocating, depending on the amount of space, noise, and distraction you’re exposed to, or just according to your own boredom level. I become bored with myself quickly and so from time to time, I like to change it up.

Don’t be afraid to break up the routine every now and then – and be true to yourself. Working from home has its ups and downs and just like all things, you are not required to love it 100% of the time! Find a local co-working place (like Office Nomads – or do what I do and make it excuse to buy high-priced bagels and coffee and just get out for an hour or two…and see what new ideas come your way. 🙂