Keep the Kids Busy While You Work

Working from home is great – when the kids aren’t there! Otherwise you can feel as if you’re juggling two full-time jobs, your career and being a full-time entertainer to your kids.

If it’s not a nice day outside or for some other reason the kids can’t just go outside and play, here are some ways to keep them occupied – and out of your hair! – while you’re trying to work.

Get cheap movie rentals; even consider old TV shows, like the Three Stooges, Gilligan’s Island, The A-Team, or anything else that the kids will enjoy.

Coloring books can be purchased very affordably. Get a ton of crayons and markers as well.

Get some craft supplies and have them do their own scrapbooks or crafts. Simple instructional books can be purchased also so that they can be completely on their own as they build popsicle stick houses or tissue paper flowers.

Board games and jigsaw puzzles can also be inexpensive, especially if you buy the smaller ones.

Art supplies are also a must. A small easel and some paints in their room should do the trick.

Have the kids write you a story. Give them a few basics – the characters and who they are, and then have them come up with an entire plot.

Put them to work. Have them fold some basic laundry, or cut coupons.