Take a Break and do a Fun/Accurate Personality Test by Nicole Ocean

I wanted to share with you something that I found to be very fun and enlightening. I took an online test a few days ago that was put together by a famous organization called, “Myer’s Briggs.” You may have heard of them and their fairly accurate and fun personality test that they offer. I remember first learning about this test while going to college and loved how the results of the test helped reveal a side of myself that I needed to know more about. 

It ends up that I was categorized as an, “ISFJ,” which translated means that I am, “Introverted Sensing Feeling Judging,” type of person. I was able to read a very in depth analysis about the positive and negative points within my personality. Boy, if I had only known about this test when I was younger, think of the trouble I could have saved myself!!! (I bet we all think this way from time to time about things that happened in our past though, so I guess it is part of living and learning. We’ve simply got to experience things in order to learn from them)

On a fun note, I had my boyfriend, Robert take the test. I would highly recommend to all of you to have your significant other take this test and then read up on the results of their personality category or classification. This exercise can take years of headache and confusion about understanding the tendencies of your loved ones personality traits. You can take your own personality test by going a free website that is at: hope that you enjoy the results of your test and wish you hours of fun from learning more about yourself and your loved ones! 

By: Nicole Ocean of nicolesdreams