Taking on a Friend's Baby by Jennifer France-Talvitie

Recently, a friend that my husband works with asked if I’d be interested in watching her 8 month old during the day. She knows that I stay home with my 8 month-old and figured it was worth a try.

When my husband told me of this proposition, my first response was no. The idea of someone else’s child being my responsibility and under my care made me a bit nervous. I don’t doubt my abilities. I feel I am a good mom to my little one and watch out not only for his safety but also for his intellectual and spiritual growth. But another mother’s pride and joy made me pause. After this initial reaction, I got to thinking about it. There are three essential pros to taking on her child.

#1 – Being around another child will be beneficial to Zander. It will provide him with a playmate. Someone to learn to share with; the stimuli of another child. This will also prepare him for a sibling which we hope to add in the not so distant future.

#2 – It will allow me to make some much needed income. My husband and I are so happy that I get to stay home with our boy. However, it has been a financial strain and this would help alleviate some of that.

#3 – I get to continue being with my son everyday! To be able to work from home is key for me and my family. I can continue to do blog writing for Motherhood Incorporated. I can continue to do periodic course testing for another company I work for (this is very infrequent). I can do this all while being home with my son and earing a little for getting the privilege of watching our friend’s son.

I begin this new adventure on July 14th. We’re going to give it a one week trial period. I will keep you all posted on how it goes as the journey progresses. If any of you out there have done this very thing, I’d love to hear from you.